21 May 2013

Renaissance Costumes Part 1

I have been working on McCall's 4696 for a little while.
 I made view A, and I am contemplating adding the sleeves from view C at a later time and maybe making B as well. I used a cornflower Blue linen and I made it reversible instead of using a lining with it. I used a slightly stretchy black velvet looking fabric (It's been in my stash so long I have no idea what it really is!) And I put canvas in the middle to give it some strength and rigidity. Instead of metal eyelets/grommets I hand sewed the eyelets on in the black thread. Yes, this is a tedious process.(WHY DID i CHOOSE TO DO IT THIS WAY?? IT IS TAKING SO LONG!!)  I really didn't like the look of the metal eyelets and I have a tough time getting them to stay on  the way that I want to. I tried one and then ended up prying it out. I think I've gotten pretty good at hand sewing them and I can do them at a rate of  5 eyelets per hour. That being said. I loved this pattern.
I made a skirt in matching fabric from the McCalls 4090.

 I made view C without the trim in the middle. I didn't really like that in the middle. This was really easy to make and pretty straightforward. I hand sewed the eyelets in the back of this skirt as well. Hemming this huge circle skirt was the worst part, but it wasn't too bad really once you get started.
I want to make the skirt in View D in one color and McCalls 4994 View A (without the arm bands/sleeves) for next time.

I always have so many plans of what I want to make, but with school and work I just dream about it. As soon as school is over I'm going to concentrate on my sewing and my violin playing. Both have suffered greatly as of late.

Maybe I can post some pictures/videos of me playing the violin since this is my artistic venue blog. :)

I am planning on going to some renaissance faires this year again.
Who wants to go this year?