My Husband and I have acquired a 10 acre lot with a 5 bedroom 2 bathroom (currently 1 is functioning, but we're working on it.) As of March 10, 2014 we are official MN homesteaders.

We are planning to have a mostly sufficient farm. I want to have chickens,ducks,geese, rabbits,goats and maybe one day a cow. I have been planting a vegetable garden for some time where we were in SC. I am going to have to learn a new seasonal rotation in MN (read-shorter)and I am excited to plant some fruit trees and shrubs. I am very excited to plant currants and gooseberries as they will not grow well in SC.
I have learned how to can a little bit and I have become okay at canning pickles and making strawberry jam. I've made a few things and they are still good and it seems to work well. My DH got me a pressure canner so I am able to can a wider variety of food. (YAY!)
I am trying to decide on the type of animals I want, by which I mean which breed of chicken,duck or whatever will work best for me. I will be writing about that here as I go along. If you are in Minnesota (or a cold place even) maybe we can collaborate on what should be done to homestead.

DH and I have discussed the animals on the homestead and we have decided that since we want to do some traveling to other countries we will be waiting to expand with the animals. I am still planning it and have to save some money to get fences and some barns put up yet, but I don't want to have to have someone watch my animals for weeks at a time.
I am keeping the rabbits. They are fairly easy to take care of. They only require one feeding and they keep themselves pretty warm in all kinds of weather. They have trouble with the heat more than the cold. Plus, the rabbit poop is gold in a garden. I've already had requests for fertilizer. I'm wondering if I could sell it. I just haven't worked out the logistics behind that yet.

I have decided to go with Dominique chickens as they are a dual purpose breed for meat and eggs. They also have excellent free ranging capabilities, so they will not need too much.  I still need to make an insulated chicken coop for them. I found someone here who is selling kinder goats. They are dual purpose goats for milk and meat. After being in Turkey, I miss goat meat. As for the cow, since I cannot drink cow's milk without getting sick and Frank would have to drink a lot of it, I may not get one. Goats should be enough, right?
I want to get Ducks and Geese also. I really like the Pekin ducks for meat, but I'm also thinking about apple yard ducks, which are a heritage breed. Geese are great protectors and let you know when someone is around your place. They also dress out on the table for Thanksgiving and Christmas really well. Although at 10-20 pounds I may need some help eating it all. Although, what a problem to have right? I want to get pigs as well, but I am stumped on a breed there too. But, I may just see what is for sale around here and try that for awhile.

I have thought about raising a few chickens and a pig or 2 and then just butchering them before we go anywhere for long.

This year(2015) I am concentrating on planting a larger garden and putting things by for the winter. I've also got all my fruit and nut trees picked out. So, I'm not going to worry about the animals for a little while. Also, it gives me time to work on perfecting my rabbits.
And, if I slaughter too many more rabbits I am going to have to have a fur tanning day. I'm looking forward to making things with the warm rabbit furs.

I'm adding homesteading labels to everything that pertains to this subject. I will be adding pictures of the house and the 10 acres we bought and some changes we make to it as we go.

I will add to this more as time goes on and my blogging skills get better!

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  1. Hi Stephanie! We got our first gooseberries this summer! They do great here. Kim