18 March 2014

Garage clean out week 3

**I cannot find the pictures that I took for this posting. It is old, but I wanted to get it out there anyways. When/IF  I find them I will add them to this. But for now. I cleaned it out then and it needs it again.**

But we sold the house and it doesn't matter… :)

This week has been utter madness. Work, school and overtime(not that I wanted to work the overtime to begin with, but I did it with a smile)...Sometimes I hate this period in my life. But, que serra. I'm still trying to get our roommate to move his stuff out of the way so we can organize that last corner for week four! (didn't actually happen...go figure) Week four is going to be fun. Cause we are going on a camping trip over the memorial day weekend and I have a Chemistry test on Wednesday. So, I have to study and organize. We got the outdoors stuff up and checked the tent for holes and such. I wish I would have taken a picture of it up in the front yard. It was quite funny.
We're going camping!! yay!
Now, on to the garage pictures.

Our roommate still didn't move that much of his stuff, but he did move some of his boxes to his room. I told him he could leave some of it, as long as it was organized.

It's been a long while and I've meant to upload this so people could see my finished result but sadly the garage has gotten worse. We have been trying to merge 2 households before december (2011), get out of debt (thanks Dave Ramsey!!)work full time and go to school full time. I am exausted! Last night I slept 12 hours and didn't do anything. I needed it so much.

I made a B+  in my Chemistry class in case your wondering and I'm in more classes now. I'm hoping that the craziness will be finished in a year or so.
Updates- Roommate is moving out at the end of the month. 4-1-2013 so we can start fixing things to sell the house. It's a great house, in a nice neighborhood so it should sell quickly and for what we want to move on.

14 March 2014

Homesteading section coming soon!

So, as many of you know already I love the thought of living off the grid and own my own homestead. I will be there soon. (June 2014) So I am going to start adding my plans and thoughts and maybe some pictures of the new place. I have knowledge of canning, cheesemaking, butchering, small livestock, fowl of all kinds, crocheting, sewing, quilting, gardening, and herbal medicines. I am trying to learn more about aquaculture and fish in general, raising cows and goats for milk and meat (I had a goat before, but she was not milked or eaten, she was a companion for our deer), food storage using a root cellar and green housing in the winter. I've got a lot of ideas about what kinds of things I want to start with on the homestead and I'm going to start with chickens and a small garden. Then I want to build a root cellar and expand my garden and my fowl by adding ducks and maybe pheasant.

But, first I have to finish my last semester of school. I'm almost there! Then Frank and I are getting married in June. He has left to go to his new job in MN. (BRRRRRR) I'm not used to the cold weather, but I've got Norwegian blood I'll adapt I'm sure. This started out as a sewing blog and I will still do that but I want it to include my varied interests. I hope that you will follow along with me as I learn and grown. We're looking for property now, and we have one in mind. I will post more about it when it is ours.(update: we bought it!!)
Until then, I may not blog as much, but I'll be back.

In Christ, Stephanie.