26 September 2014

Joining a community instead of checking out.

It's been weighing on my mind that a lot of homesteaders or just people who live in the country want to 'check out' or leave society all together. I'm all for having some alone time, trust me I need it sometimes. But, if you work with your community and your neighbors you can get more work done. A lot of people will even barter with you for what you have using what they have or what they can do. I LOVE the barter system. I have rabbits for meat and my neighbor has tomatoes and eggs we can decide how much of each to trade and we are both happy. He doesn't have to raise rabbits, but can still get some meat and my tomatoes are golf ball sized where as his are approaching basketball size. (OK, not really, but they are enormous)

I have another neighbor that I have never met, but other neighbors tell me that he will talk to you but then tell you that he doesn't want to be your friend. I can't comprehend that. OK, I know you aren't going to be friends with ALL your neighbors and yes, there are going to be people that you just don't get along with very well. But, don't go around telling people that you don't want to talk to them and just be rude! Seriously?

So, I decided that I wasn't doing a great job of integrating into the community as I was so focused on getting my homestead up and running. Well, the winter that's coming scares me. I don't want to have to deal with too much in the way of animals outside or building projects when I'm about to freeze to death. Moving from SC to MN, it's a change. My blood is not thickened up enough to deal with the fall weather, I'm worried.

So, I joined the community Volleyball League. It's fun and I meet people and get some exercise. YAY for me right? So, I ordered some volleyball kneepads and some shoes. The first night I went was game night. They don't practice or workout together or anything, I asked. But, most of the ladies are really good. I haven't played in a long time, so I was rusty. But, it was fun and I met some new friends. Even though our team lost I had fun getting out there into the community.

I've also gotten out there at the church we are going to in town. They had a fall fest a few weekends ago. I helped with setup; made some of my chocolate cupcakes for the bake sale; helped organize and move things for the auction and we participated in the auction. We got a really cool cedar chest, a bike for DH, and a lawn spreader.

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  1. I moved from VA to MN when my ex-husband was a resident at the Mayo. It was, uh, FREEZING. And I'd even done a two year stint in Iowa in grad school, so I thought I knew what -7 feels like. MN was so much colder. But really it wasn't the cold (exactly) that got to me, because you do get used to it. It was more that the winter continues until the end of May. It snows in May! Ugh. But…now I live in Austin TX, and it's too hot! I I guess nothing is ever perfect :-) I admire what you're trying to do with your homestead-- I've always wanted to try this. We have recently and accidentally acquired a flock of backyard chickens here in Austin, but that's the closet I've come to being self-sufficient. Will keep and eye on your blog, very interesting!