22 September 2014

Knowing your colors for your wardrobe and your house

When I started project 333 I thought it might be fun to give it a go but I wasn't too serious about it. But, I packed up my clothes and put them in the other room. After trying to make it on just 40 things (I tried to do 33, but I couldn't eliminate that many.) I realized that all those other clothes we're not getting worn anyways. So, I brought them back out and looked through all of them, with a new eye.
Now I did decide to keep a few that were packed away because I do wear them, but most just went into the garage sale box.
I love that I feel lighter and more confident about my wardrobe. Most of the time I just wear a work shirt (flannel or some type of button up or a tee) and jeans when I'm doing things out on the homestead. The other day I butchered a chicken and I didn't want to get blood on my good clothes so I wore a pair of jeans that are too big and a tee shirt that I didn't really care too much about since it was just a cast off white tee from my DH.
I did get blood on both, but it came out.
I need to have a few nice things to wear when I go out on errands, to church or on a date with my DH. (He took me on one last week! We went to the pasta bar and saw Guardians of the Galaxy)

Now, I'm realizing in my wardrobe that I have picked out some pretty good colors for myself.
Understanding your color palate can be a powerful thing.  What if I had went through project 333 wearing colors that didn't look good on me or made me look washed out? Would someone have told me?
I figured out that I am a light summer and I eliminated a lot of my clothes that were really for autumns. They didn't flatter me at all, yet nobody told me. My poor DH can't match clothes to save his life and he always told me I looked fine/good/etc. So I didn't know.
Now I know. Don't do your project 333 without knowing what you should leave there. Read this before you get rid of anything.
I'm all for having only what you need, but lets make sure that we are actually looking our best shall we ladies?
Strangely, this theory can also be applied to your decorating in your house. You will feel more comfortable with certain colors and in certain spaces you will want a certain feeling. Certainly, you wouldn't want red walls in a bedroom when you are trying to relax. Did you know that your blood pressure actually will go up when looking at red? (I'm not sure where I read this, but I remember strange things.)

This is my color palate. I don't do a lot of browns and I try and stay away from black. It's not a great color for me really.

All this being said, I'd like to talk about my summer palate style icons.

Grace Kelly. She is just timelessly beautiful and (ha ha) graceful. Even in pants and a button up shirt she looks confidant and beautiful.

Kate Hudson. She has an edgier style that is modern and at the same time classic. She's Boho Chic and then pulls off romantic looks like this as well.

Reese Witherspoon. I really love the vintage, romantic look that she does most of the time. Even when she goes out, she still does the flats.

Veronica Lake. She exudes confidence and sexiness. It's the hair no?

And Lemon Breeland (she's a character from 'Hart of Dixie') I LOVE yellow too. Absolutely my favorite.

My absolute favorite of her outfits is the lemon shirt and jeans. They look amazing and comfort is a big factor too.

I'm back on the wagon with project 333. I am trying to make sure that everything is something that I love and that looks good on me as well.

Thanks for stopping in!

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