23 February 2014

The difference between pale yellow and sunflower fiesta and my obsession with Fiesta.

My life has been crazy. Hopefully after the wedding and my graduation I can slow it down a little bit. Also, I'm in an apartment until after the wedding and I'm moving to Minnesota (or Minne-snow-ta as I call it.) I've been working on our gift registry because everyone keeps asking where we are registered. After a long deliberation and talking to some people who had used different places we decided on Amazon.com. You can add things from all over the internet whether or not Amazon sells it on their site or not. Any-who- I am in love with Fiesta Dishes and bake ware.
This is close to the color scheme that I want to use, but I have the pale yellow that was not made after 2002 already and I'm going to add the new color from 2013-lapis, shown here. I even found one of the presentation bowls that were special to Dillard's only. My local store still has one in the flamingo even though its been retired as of 2013. It's too much pink for my tastes.
And this color that they call scarlet is actually the only one in the picture that is exact. I already bought this cream and sugar set. 
It was on sale at Dillard's. YAY.
 The thing that really gets me though is that I'm looking for some more of the yellow pieces, which is usually refered to as pale yellow by people who understand the difference. I would like to explain that a little bit here.

The image on the left is the pale yellow that was made from 1987-2002. It is different from the original yellow in 1936-1969 in the markings and color.  The image on the right is the current color that is called sunflower. It is VERY bright and if you go to the store to look at it and compare it to a pale yellow plate (like I did) you would be able to see the difference immediately. 
I love the softer yellow look and while it is harder to find I will continue to look for it to add a few more pieces to my fiesta ware collection. I hope that this has helped you understand the differences in the yellows.
If you look at this link you can see the different yellows. She has added captions for each if you hover over the plate it will tell you the color of it. 
I love fiesta dishes and bake ware and I look forward to decorating 
Happy Fiesta Shopping!

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