24 September 2014

Canning Catsup and Corn Salsa

Yesterday I canned catsup from my neighbor's tomatoes and did up some corn salsa from corn that we bought at the farmer's market and a few of my neighbor's tomatoes. They grew so many tomatoes that he gives me some all the time. I feel bad taking them, but I appreciate him giving them to us. I've made all kinds of things with them.
 So Catsup. *sigh* Devote a day to making this and don't plan on doing much else for the day.  I feel like I didn't get much done around the house yesterday. And honestly I didn't. The kitchen is a mess even though I tried to clean up the splashes as I went along. (Taking pictures that you know you are going to post online helps with that too.)        
These are some of the tomatoes that I started with from my neighbor.

Chop them up. I quartered them initially. I think I might do  smaller chunks next time and just try only Roma tomatoes or a paste type tomato. 

Here I added the onion to the tomato and let it cook. 

The bowl on the left is the juice that  I drained. I later heated it in a pot and canned it for use later.

This looks awesome, but I cooled it off and put it in the blender to get it homogenized and creamy like store bought catsup. 

Here are all the cans of catsup and the 2 of juice on the right. 

The day after, I still had the canning bug. So, I did up some corn salsa. I had tomatoes still so I added some of them. Keep in mind that adding the vinegar makes it so you can water bath can this one. Otherwise I would have put it in the pressure canner.

Remember, clean, hot sterilized jars are more important than any recipe. 

Here is a picture of it all done. 

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