01 October 2014

Project 333 for Autumn

Today I officially start my project 333. Although mine is always different from the original. But, it's about making it work for you. So, keep that in mind if you want to do this for yourself. It has to work for YOU. It will never be perfect. Something I have to tell myself constantly. And your preferences and style will change over time. So, updates are allowed. Just as long as they are thoughtfully considered and not just a spur of the moment buy or a mall grab because you feel bad. (Honestly, I hate the mall. Especially the one here in MN, it is too huge!)

I debated on color schemes for autumn.  (My favorite season.) Should be colors that I feel good in and that look good on me. I love olive green and it's the closest I ever get to a neutral. I was originally going to go with that. I have shoes, a jacket and a skirt in that color.
But olive green isn't my best color. It's too warm for my complexion. I realized that I don't really have a lot of neutrals in my wardrobe and it does make it hard to match things so I went shopping. I love pinks, mint green, raspberry and lilac and they look good on me. So I was looking for those colors. Wouldn't you know that they aren't in season/style right now! Classics never go out of style. But I'm looking for a specific color. Boo.

I'm building off my summer wardrobe. At the moment I've got too many clothes and I need to weed some more out. And yet, I went shopping...It was thoughtful. I tried to look at the pictures I took of my wardrobe on my phone, but it's hard to match that way. After much thought, I have added in the mint green and taken a little of the olive out. I am making some room for the shorts to be rotated out and pants or more sweaters to be moved in. When you live in Minnesota you have to think of these things early. :)

My trusty purple Fluevog bag is of course staying. :)
I'd love to get some turquoise Malibrans (pictured left) to go with it, but...it's not in the budget yet.

Also I've looked over my brown boots and I'd like to get a quality pair next year. They are fake leather and flaking off on the inside part of the leg side of the boot. So, I save for these things for next year. Or maybe someone reading this will get them for me for Christmas. (Fluevogs I wear a 10.5, most other things I wear a 10)

I've made some adjustments to my summer wardrobe to keep it going. I've realized that a lot of the colors I was wearing were...a little dark.(like the olive and black!)
In the seasonal color palette (to see more about this look here) I am a light summer.
This is my best color palette.

It's mostly pink and blue and some pastel colors. But I like the light purples at the bottom and the pinks and raspberry with the greens. This green shirt I have on in the picture is not in the palette exactly, (pretty close!) it's a spring color. Yet, I like it a lot on me. I took this picture to show how long my hair was getting.
I never did order the 'Joker' Tee. I like it a lot, but I'm not sure it rounds out my wardrobe. And, I really don't need another Tee shirt. I have a hard time going through the ones that I already own.

Deciding on a specific color palette is hard! I noticed in my closet that I had a lot of patterns and not a lot of solids and a mix of colors so that nothing really matched anything else. I find this to be my greatest problem with project 333. Making sure everything matches or at least mixes well with the other articles of clothing.

So this in mind I have rearranged my wardrobe to reflect this revelation. So here is what I decided. Only 33 clothing items will be counted, not to include sweaters for warmth, shoes,  clothing for exercising or purses. I did pare these down previously, so I feel good about it. And they all (except the shoes) fit in my dresser space.)
Now on to my selections. Please keep in mind that all of these look better on me than on the hangers. 

 Pink dress. I wore this dress on our engagement photo shoot. One of my absolute favorites!

On the hanger this looks weird right? But I made this dress from a 50's vintage pattern and I love the pattern of the fabric. 
I actually love this dress so much I wore it in our engagement photos last year.

 Shirtwaist dress. 

 Denim jumper. Looks better on me than the hanger.
 Raspberry dress.

  Reversible raspberry and olive skirt

 You can't see it, but this has pockets! Love that detail. Also matches a lot. 
 This is from a store in Charleston, SC. I don't know if they are still open or not. I loved wearing the hippy styles in my college days. The fact that I can still wear this makes me smile. The bottom has a lot of color and matches a lot of my shirts. 
Zips in the back, vintage knit shirt. Matches everything because of the neutral color.


Super comfy mint shirt. I really wanted to infuse this color into my wardrobe. This will layer really well. 
  Lucky 13. My Chambray shirt. I bought this last month after realizing that I had so many patterned things in my wardrobe and not enough to match with them. This fixed a hole in my wardrobe. It was an intentional and well thought out purchase. Even the color I debated on for awhile. The soft blue denim looks better with my skin tone than the darker ones. 

I made this shirt as well. I love it because it's linen and soft. 
This shirt is a workhorse in my wardrobe. Matches so much.
Longs sleeve linen shirt. Needs to be pressed, but I love it and the soft color. 
Long sleeved white linen shirt. Are you noticing a pattern here with the linen? I love it so much!!

Bright green spring shirt. (I call it my lucky shirt.)

I thought this would look nice with mint and other things as well. It is cute with the mint shorts. 

Brown cardigan. layers, layers, layers
blue checkered shirt. I don't know what it is made of, but it is soft on the skin and the blue is muted and looks good on me. 


Just bought this one and I'm looking forward to wearing it this season.
Pink Sweatshirt material shirt. Comfy for lounging or going out. I sometimes work out in it, but I also go to the store in it too. 

My Ariel Shirt. It's fun, cute and hey-I like it. 
 Green peplum top.

 Raspberry shirt. Matches a lot. Love the color, not crazy about the fabric.(poly blend)
 Pink and purple 3/4 sleeve shirt. Needs something underneath, because it is somewhat a sheer cotton.
 I love Marie Curie. She is one of my namesakes and she did a lot of work and helped Women's Rights move along. DH has a job because of her work.
BraAaains..... It's another just plain fun shirt. 

31. There will be pink pants here. I just haven't found them yet. I can't decide on raspberry or light pink. 

      Khakis. Not my favorite normally, but these I like. 

These are my sexy jeans. (So my DH tells me.)

So, this being my second round of project333, I will be trying to take a picture of my outfits as I go along. There is a challenge to post the first 33 days of outfits on the project333 website.
What do you find to be the hardest part of project333? Are you thinking about minimizing your wardrobe??


  1. Stephanie, I love the mix of bright and neutral pieces! Dresses are a great way to go because they're an outfit within themselves that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Looking forward to following along:) Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your thoughts!

  2. Stephanie, I also find it difficult to deal with the color palette of clothes. But recently I found a test that helps to understand what color suits you and what does not. It is teast https://quizterra.com/en/whats-your-color-type