24 October 2014

Why we quit paper products

In our house there is no paper towel roll and no paper napkins on the table. My DH had trouble with giving them up, but I didn't have too much trouble with it. Until we got a puppy...

Instead of paper towels we use cleaning rags for cleaning and dishcloths for the kitchen. No sponges either.  Things that have changed by not using paper products. Not to mention the money that is saved.

Things that have been affected by not using paper products
  • We don't toss out so much trash.
  • We do not spend as much money on paper products.
  • We save money buy washing the cloth rags/dishtowels.
  • It's one less thing to buy at the store.
  • I can use up old clothes or fabric by cutting it up for rags. Getting even more use out of it!
  • I feel good about our consumption of goods going down because of this change. 
  • We are not in the cycle of consumerism as often. I will discuss how we have made other changes in this area in a later post. 

In the dining room instead of paper napkins we have cloth napkins. I have a fancy white linen set (with a matching table cloth) for 4, a pair of green cotton ones that I made, and 6 purple and blue flowery ones for everyday use.  When we aren't at the table they hang on the backs of the chairs. (Only when it's me and DH at home.)When they get too dirty I swap them out and wash them. 

One last thing. We still use toilet paper. I'm not sure if you thought we didn't by the title, but DH was concerned that someone might think that from it. Although when I was in Turkey, people there do not use toilet paper and if you asked for it you had to pay, per square. So, I've gone without it before. But, it wasn't pleasant at all and I'd rather not unless I absolutely can't afford it or SHTF and there isn't any. 

Thanks for stopping by today!
Would you consider going paper-less in your home? Or have you already? I'd love to hear about it. 

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