20 October 2014

Water damage update and demo

I have to keep telling myself that this camper was free. I know that means that it comes with problems. But DH and I were talking last night and we haven't ever owned an RV, much less repaired and remodeled one! So, he's talking about scrapping it if it doesn't work out. At least we wouldn't have lost anything right?

So I decided if he wants to toss it out I'll at least try to see if I can fix it before he takes it to the dump (Not that he knows where it is anyways. HA HA) So, with my trusty tools and some gloves I ripped out the luan and some of the rotten boards (After I took some pictures so I would know where they were before so I can get new ones in the same place.
This camper, it killing me. I cleaned another section of the top and caulked where I think the leak was in the kitchen. It was still leaking, I felt wetness when I was taking the luan out.

This is where I thought to take a picture. Then I tore out some more of it. 

So much crap gone from here. I'm thinking about taking the window off and getting the luan from underneath it and putting it back on when the boards are up and the luan is cut to fit and back on. Too much? I'm not doing it today or anything, but I think it would make it look better. I'm going to need some more caulk though. 
Remember when I thought I might be able to reuse the insulation? HA, it's so wet that I would never be able to dry it out and then I would worry about it molding inside my nice clean and new walls. 

I'm really thinking about taking all the cabinets down in the kitchen and taking all the walls down then putting up new walls and putting the cabinets back. I'm a little worried about taking them out though. The one I took out already I had to tear out. I don't want to have to buy new ones. I already need a new backsplash. *le sigh*
This is only the kitchen. The rest of the RV is pretty good. 

Another thing I did was take down all the 'valance-esqe' curtains, and the other curtains. I also took the roman shades, blinds and all hangers for these things down so I could work a little easier. Also, they make the room look smaller and the fabric they used was ugly! With them all gone, I can visualize the space a little better. 
I took the dinette cushions inside and took one out to see if I could undo it and make a pattern out of them for my own fabric. I haven't decided what I want yet. It's a little early anyways. I need to get my walls back up still. A lot of people take the dinette out, but I kinda like mine. Plus, it folds down into a child's sized bed. When we have little ones I would like to have a place for them to sleep. (Or even just the dogs.) 

Since DH was talking about tossing it it shouldn't be too mad that I demolished the walls without him.(He's at work on last day of 12s)
He has the next week off from work and I'm going to have him working on the camper with me for most of the time. 

Question for you, my readers, should I completely gut the kitchen or try to repair what's there first?

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