17 October 2014

Camper update

A few days ago I did a little more demo work in the camper. Also, last weekend DH and I got the bathroom fan and cover on.

Here is a cool picture that I made featuring what we accomplished last weekend. 
Since the bathroom is so small, we couldn't both work in it at the same time. So, Frank concentrated on the bathroom and I worked on some things in the kitchen. I don't know if you can tell or not but the lower right photo is the kitchen after I took down a water logged cabinet. It's unfortunate that it was the one over the sink. We had to figure out how to get the light fixture out of the bottom of the cabinet. Also, the the left of that cabinet and directly over the stove there was a HUGE microwave. It was probably an 80s unit. It seemed like it was built in the cabinet, so it probably came with the camper. But, we don't use microwaves anymore. I thought that having one in the camper would be weird and I wouldn't have anything to 'cook' in it. So, we took it out. We decided that we would put the girdler in that spot when we finish, or even use it as a pantry.  
While Frank was applying the caulk on the vent in the bathroom I scrubbed down part of the roof side and back of the camper. There is so many/much lichens growing on the entire outside surface of the camper. It needs to be scrubbed. EVERYWHERE!

After we finished these projects we went outside and scrubbed the flip up awning on the front of the camper. If you remember the pictures before, it was black. We scrubbed together, taking turns scrubbing and the other one wiping off the blackness. Our cleaning rag was gray afterwards. YUCK. But, the camper looks better and even better than that, the bathroom is no longer leaking. 

Unfortunately, I found another leak. This one is probably worse and had been going on for a lot longer because it was hard to see the leak and it looks like someone had tried to finish it before. 

Ok, so this is behind the panel that I ripped out (In pieces) the black thing is a board. Or was a board. It needs to be replaced immediately. 

Here is a picture before I ripped out the ceiling panel and saw this board. 
It still needed the panel replaced, but now we have to do even more to it! GRrRRr. 
I know, I know. Someone GAVE us this camper and we knew that we would have more work because of it. But, still. I was hoping that we wouldn't have that much work to do on it. 
I can't believe that we still have repairs to do on it before I can even prime anything. (That's my annoyance at not being able to start the decorating!)

All of the rotted board needs to come out, the fiberglass insulation will probably have to be taken out as well. I don't know if we will have to replace it or if we can use that, I'm kinda thinking if it was wet we should replace it just to be safe. 
But, the good news is that after this board and the panels in the kitchen here and in the bathroom get put up we will have most of the repairs finished. At least the major ones. 
We are probably going to work on this over the weekend, assuming that the weather is nice to us. 

Thanks for looking at my annoying camper!!
One day it will be beautiful.

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