23 February 2017

Clothing Challenge #3

I've decided to let go of a few more of my pieces. But at the same time I want to finish and have more me made things in my wardrobe that fits and flatters my body.

I've resolved to a few new sewing rules for 2017.

1. Sew a seamwork (I explain this at the end of this post) pattern every month to completion. They are supposed to take 1-3 hours to do, unless you add steps like I always do. Even still I think I can do this as they are all pretty simple. Getting the fit right with a muslin will be the longest step for me.

2. Finish one piece of clothing that has already been started. Sadly I have more than 12 so this won't be clearing up my sewing room too much. But it will help me to complete things and that is what I am concentrating on in 2017. (even if I can make progress on these things!)

3. Finish up a quilt that is already started. I have at least 5-6 of these and maybe it will be more like get something finished on them. Quilts are larger projects and if I give 2 months to each I can still get my backlog finished and be snuggling under them for Christmas 2017.

4. Plan, shop and begin on handmade Christmas presents for one person each month.
 I'm still working on this list, but I know I need to keep it reasonable. For example, for my husband's niece I was thinking of making her a makeup bag and buying her some brushes and a few staple pieces.

So far I have written down all the things I have unfinished in my sewing room and have tried to put them all together so I can just grab it off my new sewing rack and start working on it.
I know that this seems like a lot to do, but I am considering this my stretch goal. I also have homesteading chores and lots of gardening to do.

Underwear- 21
I feel like this number is OK. I always have more than I use in a week, but if I don't get to the laundry one week (rarely happens) then I'm still going to have underwear. There are a few lacy ones that I don't really like to wear because they are polyester lace and itchy. I need to get them out of there. I just ordered a few new pieces from pact. I'm hoping to replace all my undies with these now or make some. We will see how that goes. 

Bras-5 in use 8 waiting. Total 13 -1 that broke and I took one out of storage=12
I loved the fit of a specific bra I bought and when I found out it wasn't being made anymore I ordered 10 of them. I still have 7 in packaging for when I need them. I hate to even think of the day when I will have to go look for a new favorite bra. :( 

A lot of these socks are from when I lived in SC so I have so many pairs of thin summer socks, which I don't really even wear that often up here. Maybe I should just let them go so that drawer isn't so packed. Or maybe I could combine it with my leggings. 

I use these occasionally and I feel it's a good number. I have one full slip, one skirt only and one camisole.

Both of these are going to wear out this year probably and will find their way to the trash. So, nothing to worry about here. 
These all fit nicely in a shoe box that I have in my sock drawer, but I don't wear them often as I have better things to keep me warm and in the summer I'm in the garden most of the time. Again...maybe I should be more ruthless with these.

Thermal tops- 5 3
Thermal bottoms-3 2
I released the cotton long johns that don't actually keep me warm in the tundra that I live in. Released 2 tops and 1 bottom.

one of these is wearing out and in need of replacement. I would like to loose a bit more weight around my middle, but wishful thinking won't do it. 

Tees-16 +1=17
I won another t-shirt on new years. 

Blouses/tops-52 +4=56 -1 + 55
I made 2 Sorbetto tops. Then on vacation I got something on a mint blouse (black of course and it's not coming out...) I bought a short sleeve spring knit top and a black velvet top to go out in. 

These are always worn under a shirt for modesty or warmth.

Pull over Sweaters-14
I LOVE wool things and cashmere so I have invested in a few (too many?) sweaters. I might be willing to let a few go though that don't match the direction my closet is going or are too thin to bother with up here. Most of the thin ones are not wool or cashmere anyways. 

Cardigan Sweaters-6
These are great for layering. I think I have a bit of crossover in the pink section of my closet and I could figure out which one to keep.

Leggings-5 -1 +1= 5 (still)
I do have plans to make a pair of leggings to replace a pair that I wore a hole through in the thigh(nobody knows it's there 'sept me and Jesus...and now you.) and one more pair in addition. Most of these I wasn't sure whether to put them in the thermals bottoms section or here. I wear them pretty much the same. I only have 1 pair of thermals that are only over pants because they have odd seams on the sides. I bought a new pair of dark red leggings from pact as well. I'm hoping to receive them in the mail anyday now. When they come I will toss the ripped pair. Maybe I should just do that now?

Pants-14 +1=15
Yay pants!
You can see that I don't think leggings are pants. I do not wear them alone. For me, it's a modesty and comfort issue. A pair ripped on vacation, I am going to try to patch them. Why do my things always get holes in the thighs? And I bought a pair of carharts on sale to work in.

Not sure why I have so many of these as I don't really wear them that often. Most of them were packed away and are, like the dresses, light gauzy material that is waiting for warmer days.

Dresses-20 Making Dahalia and Rue (22)
I LOVE dresses when it's warm and I am still learning how to wear dresses in the cooler weather. A lot of these are sheer-like or silk and are strictly summer-wear. As my needs change I will release them to my closet or out of the house.

Special Occassion Dresses-5+2=7
These only get worn occasionally, but they are classic and do get some wear a few times a year. My Mom gave me 2 more dresses while we were down, but I don't know if I want to keep them or not. I'm still thinking about it. So, in the mean time I will add them to my number. (sigh, I feel like I'm not doing too well with this stuff.)

I am acclimating more and more to the weather here. Right now this is a good number for me. I may require more later, but I will sew some when I need them.

I actually forgot all about this. Its a wool roving vest that I used to wear to the office. Its a bit fancy for anything I would wear now. I may have to let it go or start wearing it again.

I have 2 blanket scarves and I love those. You can wear them in so many ways. I never got that whole infinity scarf thing, but I'm not a huge scarf person. I keep trying to make it happen because I see fashion bloggers talking about how it can "draw your outfit together." I only remember to grab one when it's cold outside and it stays with my coat most of the time-unless it's chilly indoors too.
Which makes me think why do I have so many of these?

I seem to wear one in particular over and over and over and...well you get the picture. Yet, I have 7 more? One only goes with one dress. And I can't remember the last time I wore that dress. Maybe I should get it out and spin. I made it to go swing dancing with my husband (then BF) and it's fun, but we have no where to go dancing up here.

I feel like a broken record-SC=hot and MN=not hot. My clothes haven't caught up quite yet. I'm closer though. Oh so close. Some of these are from when we got married. *Newlyweds!*

Shoes-16  no change. 

Strangely enough I could probably get rid of a few of these, but I won't/don't want to do that.

Hats-6 no change
Seems like they hide from me when I'm looking for them, but really I wear the same one all the time. It is starting to get a bit thin. I doesn't help that my #declutterdog ate the little ball of one of my hats last year.  Most All except one of these are winter hats/caps.

Purses-4 no change yet, I plan to make one for 2017 though.

Painting Outfit-1 No change 

How do I figure out what I want to sew for the next year? (OR what is Seamwork?) I am a subscriber to seamwork by Colette.
If you would like to become a member and get half off your first month use this link. Some of the patterns I don't see myself ever wearing, but some of them look great. And all of them take less than 3 hours to make (according to them.)

For 2017 I plan (ha ha) on more time sewing and less time planning and dreaming. Even though I'm great at planning and dreaming! My stretch goal is to have an entirely me made wardrobe. I started with the basic pieces like tanks and I'm investigating undies. I'm not sure if I'm ready to tackle bras yet, but maybe by the time I wear out the ones I have I will be ready! They even have one on the seamwork patterns selection! Even though I'm not crazy about the back I think it would be a great exercise in starting to make my own bras.

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