03 April 2017

Farm History year by year

I was sitting on my couch thinking about all I have accomplished in the (almost) 4 years we have been here. I thought I would write it up so I could remember it all when I've been here 20 years or more.

Feb 2014- We bought our place before we got married (scary!) and nothing was here except the house. Thank God for that at least. Basement was unfinished though and we had only 1 bathroom.

June 2014- I moved in after we were married. DH lived in the house alone and without any furniture.
I planted a few strawberries and a very small garden to test the soil and started with some amendments.  I got dutch rabbits(free) to test out if I wanted to do rabbits. Worked on cutting all the grass to manageable levels. A neighbor came by to tell me that it hadn't been cut in years. I believe it...

2015- I bought our first Silver Fox rabbits and slaughtered the last of the dutch rabbits. I expanded the gardens and fenced it in to keep deer out. I also planted a few apple trees. I had 1 hen gifted to me and several roosters though all the roosters were eaten.

2016- I started building a chicken coop after I ordered my Dominique chicks. We had some adolescent ducks gifted to us. I bought 3 more of the same breed and all turned out to be male except 1 and one died.(le sigh) Planted 1/3 of my large garden with strawberries the rest with annual vegetables.Always adding compost to the garden soil. Planted 2 plum(Toka and  Black ice), 2 pear(Patten and Parker) and 1 apricot trees. Cleaned up a lot more of the property, since we have been maintaining more and more each year. Started stacking wood for later use. Started a chicken run to be finished in 2017.

2017- Finished chicken run, built a duck run and new duck house, built perennial raised beds and planted my regular gardens again. Always adding compost to make the soil better. Planted more resistant apple trees(duchess of oldenburg, wolf river, haralson, and ?) because the others died last year.

And there is still so much more to be done for 2017. Some of this is just planned for 2017. I got a little overboard, but I am concentrating on finishing up things that we had started last year for 2017. Not too many new projects, other than the duck pens and house that should have been done last year.