15 April 2014

Our new homestead!!

Our new homestead!! 

Today dear readers we have our own homestead. (Ok, we've had it for a few months, but I haven't lived in it yet cause I was at school.) My DH (as of June 2014) bought us a house. He has a regular job, which helps us to pay the bills and do a little investing. And I am in charge of the homestead. He is of course going to help me with some things, but not all. This is the only picture that I have right now of the homestead.
My other computer died that had all the pictures on it. I will take more when I get some things done. 
We have 10 acres and I am so excited to get started now that the snow is gone! 

I have been looking at what I want to add first. 
I'm really looking at Golden or Silver Wyandotte Chickens. I like the laced ones too, but I think I may try to breed those in later. They look so regal. Is it weird that I like the gold laced better than the silver so I don't loose them in the snow if I let them out?
Then I'm looking at Pekin Ducks and maybe some geese, I haven't decided on a breed yet. I know that is a lot of eggs, but some of these will be for meat purposes too. Selective culling will happen.If you are curious as to what these chickens look like this is a great site to check it out.  The first picture is a closeup of the golden color that I'm thinking of getting. 

First thing as soon as I can get them some apple trees will be going in on the left side of the driveway.  Since they take 2 years to fruit. 

There are a lot of deer in the back part of the property and they do not seem to be too shy. I think this will cease when I start hunting them. I have to get my license approved and wait for September for that. 
I've also been thinking about where to set up a butchering station so I can take care of all of these things. Then I need to bury them all. Wow, I'm making myself tired just talking about all of this work that I'm planning for myself. In the end it will all be worth it though. I will keep you updated on progress of the homestead. 

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  1. Congratulations! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind comment. It was like a pat on the back. :) You have such exciting times ahead of you! The journey has just begun.