07 May 2014

Minimalist me

I feel the need to purge. I get this way in spring. I want to remove the old dead things and begin again. Much like the cycle of the seasons. Now that spring is upon us, I feel the need to lighten the load of the house and things that I hold on to in my mind.  Of course cleaning your house is easier than your mind, but I try to work on being a better me.
It also doesn't help that I am playing gypsy right now while I finish my degree. I have moved 4 times this year and it is barely even May yet.
I feel a heaviness in my heart for all the places that I left and all the people who were toxic in my life. Letting go is difficult, but purging the negativity is always good. I have finals this week, but I wanted to write what I was thinking here.
I have everything I own in the back of my car. Or at least I'm trying to have it all fit. I had to get some help to get it to a friends garage and there it sits until finals are over. I will be sorting through it all to decide if it is really necessary to drag it all the way from South Carolina to Minnesota. I cannot wait to start my new life, but first I need to wrap up the old one. I do not feel like there is much to be done but to say goodbye. I will come back to visit some people here, but so many have moved on and I no longer see them. I know in the time of social media and texting that you can still talk to people and I will a little I'm sure. But, nothing replaces that face to face time that you get when you go get coffee with your best friend or find yourself sitting at Denny's at 2am with old friends just talking about life and the world. I will miss you old life, at least a little. But I have to move on and I want to take the best parts of myself with me.
I thought about the minimalist lifestyle and I would love to do it, but I do not like to waste things and I have trouble tossing things out that are still useful. Especially soap and lotions. (Note to people who know me. Do not give me soap as a present, I have too much already that I need to use up. Thanks)

All these things will hopefully lead me to freedom, rest, peace and calm into my crazy world.

Wish me luck in my journeys!

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