20 February 2017

Spring is coming!

I feel so invigorated after my vacation. Almost 2 weeks of not having to do my regular things! We mostly spent time with family and some old friends. We went out occasionally, but really it was just a visiting vacation. My Mom and I talked a lot about homesteading stuff and both of us bought a copy of a book that mother earth put out called 'Self-reliance and country skills.' There are quite a few cool articles in there and I'm really excited for spring now. 
While I was in SC it was like spring to me. The daffodils were blooming and things were starting to bud out. As we drove back up the MN it got colder (also, because it was getting dark because it was turning into night.) and it felt more and more like winter. 

We woke up the next day and it is now 57 degrees and sunny outside. I decided to get into my bees and make sure they were doing well. I am a really successful beekeeper so far! I bought 2 packages of bees and caught a swarm on my first year! The ones I caught did not make it through the winter  because they didn't have enough food to make it and one of my packages didn't make it because the hive was tilted backwards and I think they got too much water inside. There were puddles of water on the bottom and there was a bit of mold on the top cover. So, it could have been mold that did it too from the water, but I'm not sure. Cleaning them all out was sure a job! 

But I feel better knowing that one of my hives has made it through a whole year and we are going to get more delicious honey. Even though I made my husband ration it all out because I planned on feeding the bees their honey back in the spring if they were still alive. I actually just moved the frames with honey still in them to the hive that was alive. 

All in all I learned a lot about bees this year. And I'm really eager to see what this new year brings.  I like to celebrate the new year 3 times a year. January 1st, Chinese new year, and (my favorite) the dawning of spring. 

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