17 January 2017

Me made in 2016

Every year I like to look back and go over what I made. This year I almost forgot about it. I was so wrapped up in a new project.

My quilting friend introduced me to a new project by doing old ones.  She showed me this  UFO website and instead of a BOM for this year we are going to finish up all the projects that are hanging about. She's doing quilting only. I have a clothing list as well. I'm going to try to double up on my lists in case we go on vacation or I get wrapped up in summer gardening or building.

I didn't finish very many things this year, but I did start a lot of things and one of my goals for 2017 is to finish things, so I hope to have a full page next year of all the things I made!

So, without further ado what I made in 2016.
Apparently it was a year of baby quilts.

I really feel like this fancy forest quilt is my masterpiece thus far. 

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