27 October 2014

Week 1 of October for Project333

I tried to document my outfits as I went along. The photos make me really look critically at how I am displaying myself to the world. For example, I'm not sure that I like the first outfit that I wore on day 1. The tights are too light for this I think. Or maybe its the boots. I don't know yet. I may soon be in the market for some new tights. It gets cold here and I wear them in winter under pants anyways. 

Day 1

We went out. 

Day 2
I took a selfie on this one. I didn't do a lot fashion wise, but I did work wise. So, I didn't care what I wore today. I wore my pink long sleeve shirt,  blue sweater (I didn't include sweaters because I wear them for warmth and not really fashion.) and my jeans with my working shoes. (I did a lot of work scrubbing the camper today! 

Day 3

Jeans and a Tee day. Didn't leave the farm all day. Did so much work that I had some left to do the next day. (sigh) Canning.
No Picture, too tired.

Day 4

 DH didn't want to stand up to take the picture, so I look like a giant here. Side note-Bingley is getting      SO big! He's bigger than Krunchee now! ( I think I need more long sleeved undershirts.)

Day 5

Out to the farmer's market with the pups. I just had my jeans on the bottom half. Sometimes it's hard to get a picture taken... especially when some people are griping about it. (ahem, Bingley!) I wore my mint tee over DH's grey long sleeved tee, jeans and sneakers. (Note: I stole DH's warm comfy shirt today. He didn't mind at all. I really need to get my own?)

Day 6

Didn't get to take a picture of myself today. I cheated and work a tee from the workout drawer since I didn't want to mess up my other clothes. Worked on the camper with DH today. Very excited to get this project done so it will not leak anymore. Plus, I can get to decor after all the repairs are finished! YAY!
We were working with caulk and we did a lot in the camper. I'll post on that soon too.
Guess what? I wore jeans again. Darn I need more pants options for fall!!

Day 7
Worked in the Children's Church today so I needed to be able to move about freely.

I wore my mint sweater, khakis and my white linen shirt. and my keds. Comfy and I thought I looked awesome.  Oh, and the children loved the puppet show. Too much going on for a picture-again.

We are starting to see that I live in jeans. So, I need to make sure that I have a few pairs of them so they can get washed. Also, a nice pair for out days and a grungy pair for working days is going to be a good idea.
I lost weight up here and now my 'work jeans' are too big. So the belt gets worn a lot!
I don't get time to take a lot of pictures of myself, but I tried to get some in there. I do a lot of work, so jeans-YAY! I'm thinking about adding a pair of dungaree overalls to this, what do you think?

How are you fairing on your project 333?

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