13 October 2014

Camper Cleaning and update.

When we got this camper I was envisioning all the fun things that I could do to it to make it 'homey' away from home.
I had visions of soft pink cabinets with aqua cushions and a cute lace tablecloth with my fiesta in flamingo and turquoise on the table.
I wanted to recover the pull out couch in the same aqua or turquoise and pull up that nasty carpet and put down some laminate 'wood' on the floor.
All the curtains need to be replaced with something that flows with the wind and matches my vision (I don' know about it yet. Maybe yellow?)

And then it hit me this morning (Ok so by the time you read this is was actually a few days ago) "how do I know that's what it needs when I haven't even seen it?" It's under years of caked on dust and grease and the water damage in the bathroom. I'm envisioning the 'perfect camper' in my head and I haven't even done ANYTHING to this one yet.

Well, that settled it in my mind. So, I got up and got dressed, prepared some hot water and cleaning supplies and walked out to the camper feeling ambitious and ready to tackle some dirt. Oh, was it ever dirty. I don't think this camper has been used for about 6 years, maybe longer.

Scrubbing the kitchen was just so soothing. There was nothing in the camper. Everything that was just laying about I took out and put in the shop so I could see the camper. The carpet just kills me. It was mauve, but now it is an orangey-pink tie dyed mess. It looks like parts of it were faded in the sun and parts were covered by a rug.

So, in my perfectionist mind and haste to start (and finish so we could go somewhere) I forgot that all things take time.
I took out the mattress to make it easier to work in here.

Here are my elbow grease pictures for the day.

I took the wooden divider down, I might put up a curtain later on. But this makes it more open feeling. 
The kitchen is where I focused most of my efforts on today. It was filthy! You can still see where the panel needs to be replaced on the ceiling. 
The couch folds out into a bed and I'm still working on how I am going to recover it. Also, that carpet used to be pink, I checked inside the cabinets. YUCK!!

Looks better already doesn't it? I'm working on baby steps to the finished project! I'm so excited to take it on the road in December! But, we aren't there yet...still much more work to do.

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