12 September 2014


Two weeks ago (has it been that long?) I went to meet the Rabbit Breeder to pick up my selection for rabbits. I have been practicing on the dutch rabbits that I picked up for free. They are not mean, but not too friendly either. The doe is the only one that I really pick up a lot anyways. I ate one of the dutch rabbits so I have 3 left. One doe and 2 bucks of the Dutch Rabbits. We (The dogs and I) had a blast going up. It rained on us headed up and I worried about it raining when we were coming back as I had planned on putting the rabbits in the back of the truck in cages. 

 Krunchee and I were excited to go on a road trip. He tried to sit there (on the console in the middle of the front seats-next to me) the whole way, but it's dangerous if I have to stop suddenly so I didn't let him.  Bingley slept most of the way up.

On the way back it did start to rain, so I figured out how to put the small rabbits together in a doggie carrier I had brought along, and the other cage on the small end so it would fit when I lifted the seats in the back. People at the gas station looked at me funny as I was doing this. Since I was close to Madison I was nearing the city and city people don't tend to keep rabbits or expect anyone to care about their rabbits I guess. Anyways, we all packed in the truck. Thankfully, it's a crew cab so we all fit; Me, 2 dogs and 4 rabbits in a truck, sounds like the beginning of a joke. 
When I got almost back to the house the traffic began to go at a crawl and I was already late getting supper done. My poor DH was all alone with no dinner. Now, he knows how to cook and does a really great pizza and I almost expected him to have a pizza going when I got there. But, he didn't and he waited for me to get there. *huh...*
He told me that he had KFC from lunch and I was bringing him my extra taco from my lunch. So...

Krunchee and Bingley slept soundly most of the way back, but they played extra hard when we got back to the house. He's getting so big now. 

Rainy and traffic? What could be worse?
I Couldn't resist posting one more of my sweet Krunchee sleeping soundly in my lap. He was worn out after playing in the back seat with Bingley most of the way up. 
Now to meet the new additions to my rabbitry. 
 This is my new Silver Fox jr doe. She's still young, but in time she will bring forth many little ones for us. 

These are my new bucks. The one on the right is a blue and the one on the left is black. They will be very happy here once they get used to it I suppose. Traveling is stressful for rabbits. 
This is my Sr doe-Mel. She is a blue and black carrier and I was told she has never had less than 6 babies. I'm excited to see if the breeding that she had back at the old rabbitry took. We will see in a month or so. *fingers crossed* 

We made it back. Really late, but we made it. When I went to feed my dutch rabbits I found a surprise. Granted I was expecting it this weekend, but it was EARLY. 

 She had 7 total and 4 are black and 3 are blue. I'm thinking I might see if I can sell them. I decided that the dutch just don't taste as good as actual meat rabbits. On the other hand, if they don't sell by the time they are 12 weeks...they will end up in my freezer.

*update* The babies are having a hard time making it. I have 3 left alive-2 blue and 1 black. So, the first kindle is not going too well. I am planning to sell one, I'm thinking the rest will be eaten. It's only 2 for the freezer.

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