09 November 2015

'Age of Adeline' Wine Velvet Dress

I've scoured the internet to see if anyone has ever tried to recreate the wine velvet dress that Adeline wears to the new years parties. I did not find anything. It's such a beautiful dress. It has a beautiful, yet classic style. The cut out in the back was actually fairly popular in the mid to late 1940's. You need to have some kind of support inside the bodice to make the cutout AND the low neckline. It's sexy, but not overly flashy.

Now, if you haven't seen the movie yet..you really should. It is simply amazing. The plot is awesome and the way the shot the movie actually gives it the period feel for each decade that they show you.  It's no 'New Amsterdam', but it's a close second. That will always be my favorite plot. I long to see it done again, and actually finished.

And I'm even going to give myself a deadline for this dress. I want to make it in time to take it with me on a cruise I'm going on with my DH. In February. It's the beginning of November now, that gives me basically 2 months to complete it. I have a lot of work to do still. And then I need to think about how I'm going to do the beading. Am I going to do that by hand? Or can I find a strip that I can tack down on the dress?

Now to convince you of the beauty of this dress.
This is just the best picture available of the dress. She's a beautiful girl as well. 

This picture shows the actual color of the dress. In the movie, the way it was shot it looked black to me until I watched the special features. Knowing that it's red just made me love it all the more. 

See what I mean here? It looks a little black, no?

This dress is classic. My favorite word to describe clothing. 

And here is a shot of the back. The cutout makes construction a bit harder... 
But, I'll get into that next time. 
Let me know which of her costumes was your favorite. 

Happy Sewing!!


  1. Sitting at a fabric store searching the patters for "The Dress"....sigh. Then I see your post on my google search and smile....did you complete it in your 2 month deadline? Perhaps you are cruising as I type. Would love to see pictures of your gown and of course advice or tips on sewing this dress.... Bon Voyage!

    1. I did not get the dress finished for the cruise. :( I took a dress that I bought for something else. I am still planning on making this dress. I am currently coming up on my busiest time of the year so I am not going to be able to finish it for awhile. I am still going to make it. It is timeless and I always go to at least one or two formal events each year. So, it would be worth it. If you end up making a version of it I would love to see it!