06 November 2015

Why I didn't post in October...

This month DH and I have been working on the house. Of course ive been canning and I put that up on my facebook page for the blog. If you want to see more pictures go on over there.

But. Our livingroom carpets were gross when we moved in and with 4 pets they kust got worse. We had planned to replace it, and we have been saving money to do it. Im not going to tell you how much we spent on this project, but it was a lot. And we did all the labor. I can't imagine what this would have cost us to have someone come in and do it!

And of course i have some pictures for you! 
I took pictures of the room/areas before i started the job. 
Yuck right??
I forgot to get a before picture here. But you can see how bad the carpets were i. The others. This is the largest part of the room. 

All nasty carpets took me most of the day to rip out. Then there was all the sand and dirt underneath it!! Then i had staples and tack strips to remove too. 
Me and declutter dog were up to the task at hand! We filled this bucket 4 times with tack strips, room dividers, and staples. Oh my word! If i have to pull another staple in my life it will be too soon!!

So after everything was removed it looked much better.
The natives were getting restless though. 
We decided to replace part of the sub floor, due to some damage. (Dont do it if you dont have to folks! This was a lot of work!!) we swept and swept and swept again. 

Then it was time to lay the underlayment down. Oh look im going the wrong way! 
So we had to move it and cut it to fit and then move the wood as we went too. 
(Not light!)
Finally we got that going the right way. 
And we're ready to lay the wood down. (That piece is just holding the underlayment down for now.

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