24 September 2015

Fall 2015 Capsule Wardrobe

Autumn in Minnesota is a funny thing. It can be 80 degrees and then suddenly it's 50. And the nights get cooler and mornings seems to stretch into night with the dew and frost touching the ground longer. Watching the leaves change and sipping warm cider or coffee while the breeze blows is heaven. Until one day, it's 20 and you didn't realize winter was coming so early.

I seems that summer is slipping away from me at an ever increasing rate.
I've been canning up the last of the garden harvest and bringing in the winter squash for storage.
The garden will be tilled one last time and the meat chickens all slaughtered.

Now, what will I be wearing in the cooler weather?
I've got pants that seem to rotate seasons with me and a few shirts.
I keep all my long johns and swim wear together in what I call a seasonal drawer.
I bought a few new pairs of wool socks for winter. How I love wool socks!

I wanted to have more flannel shirts and warm sweaters in my closet. But, realistically I still have a few of them. I need to see how they go together.

I'm having a problem of whether I should stay with the colors that I've been using. The navy/pink/mint with purple and yellow thrown in for good measure. But, I've decided to go with a navy/red/white/mint with a touch of black  for more of a autumn feel. I'm making a red skirt from some wool that I've had for awhile with flannel pockets. :) (so cozy!)
And some red corduroy flare pants.

It's likely that the pants will not be done before I start wearing it all, but it will be a welcome addition once the chill sets in.

I've been using stylicious (a free app) to put outfits together.

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