22 September 2015

Downton Abbey Quilt-part 2

Well, this quilt has been tough. I did it as a challenge and it was that! 
The top squares are together and all I have left now to do is put them together in strips, make the middle and outside strips and attach all of that together. Then the top will be completed and go off to the quilter. 

On the left side you can see the fabric that tI will be using for the strips in the middle.
If you are interested in the pattern it is "Wild Rose" by Chris Hoover, All of her designs you can see here including this one and a few others that I really like.
This is a intermediate pattern and I really feel like I stretched my quilting abilities with this one. I feel really good about it so far!

This is my master bedroom. It normally looks this way, I didn't clean anything before I took this picture. I'm actually proud of my accomplishments in keeping a clean house. It's a daily struggle for me. I am working on my daily habits still. Laundry day is a success.

This is where the quilt will be going. Hopefully, you can see the reasons why I chose the colors that I did. I want it to look good in this green tea room.

I hope to have some pictures of the finished quilt up as soon as I can get the rest of it attached and off to the quilter's house.

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