03 September 2015

Pat sloans block of the month-2014-globetrotter part2

The friend that was making this along side me had to take care of her mother so I ended up doing this one alone. I waited awhile, but then i just wanted to finish it. I told her it was understandable, and it totally is. If it was my mother I hope that people would understand that she is important to me and I would take time out of my regular lie to take care of her if she needed me.
I did most of it within a few weeks. Ill show you all the blocks. They are not in order of month or anything. My favorite block is the one with all the purples and no green. It has the floral white print in the middle and dark purple on the sides. It looks like a folded origami piece to me.

This is my favorite, in case my description was weird. 

Here is all the blocks attached and the inner blue border being attached. I had some issues with that...but I got it all squared away. (Ha, ha...quilting jokes...*sigh* I know I'm a nerd.)

My quilt inspector. Who is also my 'Declutter dog', but he approves of soft pretty things that he can lay on, like pillows and blankets and they are even better if I love them and want to lay on them too. I should be glad someone wants to cuddle me. 

And this is what it looks like all together! 
I've gotten loads of complements on it when I went to the store to get some backing fabric for it and decided to use up what I had at home. I also took it to show my friend. She loved it too. The outside borders are called piano keys. I thought that was interesting. It took awhile to get them all sewn together, but I like the effect it gives the quilt. This was supposed to take a year...but I wanted to get it done so I could start on some Christmas presents. Now, it's off to my favorite machine quilter's house. 
I will post photos of the quilting when it comes back as well. This quilt is 62" x 62"-lap size. 

Have you ever done a Block of the Month quilt? Have you done this one? Post it in the comments! I'd love to see it!

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