31 August 2015

Summer 2015 Capsule Wardrobe Update

After coming back from my VBS trip,  I realized how much I have. I see all the things that I've been holding on it so tight that I don't ever use. I want to be able to make fast decisions about what to wear based on what I want to do that day not by spending 15 minutes staring at my closet (which was full to the brim and over flowing) and thinking that I have nothing to wear.

I want to shake up my wardrobe and feel good about it. I also watched the new video on the 'my green closet' channel on you tube. I love her style, not that it would work on my body but I get inspired when I see someone else capsule wardrobe that's really well put together for real life. By that I mean not for office work. I struggle with wanting to look nice and have nice clothes to wear when I go out of the house and having farm work clothes. I usually end up wearing the same pair of pants or shorts to work in and a tee shirt that I would go to the gym in. Something else I learned at the VBS trip. I came back and saw some pictures of myself *eeeck* I need to get my butt back to the gym.
A Tee i bought on the way to the missions trip. 

But that's not what I want for myself! I want to look nerdy, quirky and vintage. Which expresses who I am pretty well. Maybe the pictures will explain?

I thought about my favorite dress and I knew it was packed away so I wanted to get it out so I could wear it. Then I saw a bunch more dresses that I love but haven't worn recently. So I took all of them out as well. Then I thought I could rotate some of these into my summer capsule since I didn't do much to it officially from spring to summer.

All pictures are described from left to right.
Maybe soon I'll remember to get pictures of myself wearing them...

Dresses-vintage linen dress(pictured above),pink shift, mint dress, pink polka dot dress, green dress with dots, yellow sun dress, navy dress, multi-pink dress, blue and green plaid dress, blue floral jumper, and green and plaid wrap dress.

Short sleeved Tops- Green layered tank,  black sequin tank, green/tan tank, Gir tank, kitty tee, blue linen top, blue/mint stripe, pink stripe,"fav burple" tee, white stripes back buttons, grey tee, and mint tee. (and now the new tee pictured above)

Long sleeved tops-white crochet fringe top, white linen with blue embroidery, navy 3/4 sleeve, ble and white stripe, button up chambray, pull over chambray, pink paisley and pink floral top. 

Pants-dark wash jeans, light wash jeans, rose skinnies, and peach skinnies. 

Shorts-high waisted vintage shorts, khaki camping shorts and mint shorts. (and a Grayson) I was also really excited to find out that the one pair of shorts I have been keeping since HS now fit on my butt again. They are still a little tight, so they are not included in my project yet, but I would love to wear them again.

Skirts-paisley wrap silk skirt, blue sheer, blue stripes, and pink wool. 

Shoes- same shoes. Grey and navy chucks, yara birkis, black fluevog flats, and fluevog tie up blue sandals.

I know that I'm late in getting this up, but hey I was busy this summer!!
I think I'm going to take out a few more of the short sleeved shirts next year. I didn't wear them as much as I thought I would. Oh well. live and learn right?
On to my favorite season! Autumn!
Do you do a capsule wardrobe or are you still getting ideas?

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