27 August 2015

Pat Sloan's block of the month-globetrotting. Block 1

A friend of mine and I are working on a block of the month pattern this year. We are excited to do Pat Sloan's 2014 Mystery quilt-Globetrotting. Although at this point it is no mystery. I had never done a mystery quilt before and I wasn't too sure about it, so we decided to do the one from last year and polish up our skills and tidy our sewing rooms while whipping through our stash of fabric. I would say that I'm doing pretty well with going through my stash. This quilt is all stash fabric that I have had for some time and it all looks pretty cool together. We started in January 2015.

This is the fabric I chose for my quilt.

Well, some of it anyways.

If you are interested in the pattern or following along with us you can go to the 2014 Mystery Quilt Link and check it out.

This is what her quilt looked like when it was finished. It gives you a better idea of what mine might look like.

See the center of her quilt above? That block is block 1 and this is my version of it below.
This is my first block. It was a doozy! It's 22"x22" and those blocks were fun to make, but it was also odd to me too. What do you think of my color choices? This block will be in the center of the quilt with a border around it and then the other blocks will go around that. This quilt will be 60"x60" I'm thinking about adding something to make it bigger. But I think I am going to make it the size it is supposed to be and see how it looks before I do that.

Here is a better picture of it after it was all put together.

I leave you with one more picture. My friend's quilt inspector!
Isn't she cute?

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