13 November 2015

Color Palette for my wardrobe

I have been fiddling with the colors I've been choosing and if you look at all the seasons together you can see the progression of it. In the fall I didn't put up pictures of my clothing, but I went with navy, black, red , blue and white.

I have quite a few black clothes, but they don't do much for my skin. They make me look really pale and washed out. So, I haven't been wearing them as much. I took all the pinks out of my fall wardrobe, but near the end I went and got a pink shirt to wear. I really missed it. So, I put it back in. Since it's not an exercise in deprivation I wanted to figure out how to keep the pink/mint combo with the red/navy combo all while extracting the black. Apparently, this is not a "fashionable" combination and I couldn't find anything on the inter webs about these colors in a wardrobe together.

The colors at the bottom are the neutrals, the ones to the right side are my accents and the 3 largest ones are my main colors. I'm planning on this palette being my colors for quite awhile, since I love all of them and it creates several different options.
I already have quite a bit of navy clothing. I have been buying it and not realizing it for years...
I am still trying to go through all of my clothes. I did a large purge last year when I started this endeavor and I've been going through the rest slower because those are ones that I like more and did wear quite a bit. I now challenge myself to get rid of 5-10 pieces when I go in there. I have all these clothes hanging up in my spare bedroom and I'd like to use that at a nursery soon and not have it be full of clothing that I'm not wearing! 
I need to get in there and get rid of some more things! 
For now, I know which things can go by looking at whether or not they fit in my palette and then whether or not I love wearing them. 

Do you have a color palette that you stick to in your closet? I find it helps me know what I need when I'm shopping for that next season or to fill holes in my wardrobe. 

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