03 March 2011

Tiny houses..and one day mine?

So, for along time I've been looking at these tiny houses. And after having my very own loft built I can begin to understand that it's all about designing it right. Organization is key, something in which I lack with my sewing. At work, I'm all about organization. I don't know why I have trouble with it. Maybe it's because I've gotten use to moving around all the time and I just don't have a 'home' to put things. But I love these tiny houses. I think I'd want to design my own. But I'd need a special space for my sewing stuff as it is such a big part of my life. Although, I would need a stained glass window or a solarium and I think I'd be ok spending alot of my budget on that. Maybe something timeless like a flora scene.Did I mention I wanna live here?? I think after looking at tiny houses. I love the storybook vintage cottages. And I will build one, when I decide where I will reside. Or move to Carmel. Which looks like a charming little place. Where like minded people could live. And...I could open up a shop. Hmm, sounds better and better the more I think about it. Except its in California!!

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