23 July 2015

A Capsule Wardrobe on Vacation Bible School

Last week I went with a group to a Reservation in Canada to do Vacation Bible School with some Native kids. We had a great time. I hadn't been before and I learned a lot about myself, others and shared the good news with the people there.  I got to experience a new culture, which is always cool, and had a bigger culture shock coming back into town too...weird.

Anyways, I told myself I was only going to take a duffle bag of clothes and everything I took had to fit into one plastic tote. Everything had to go into totes because we had to take a boat on the last part in and it can get really soaked if it's not in a plastic tote. There were a LOT of totes, because we had to bring EVERYTHING we needed. Things you wouldn't normally have to think of. Air beds, sheets, toilet paper, all our food for 8 people for about a week, craft supplies, costumes and props for the stories and each person had their own things to bring as well. There was a lady who brought a first aid kit and fans and all kinds of things for the group. It was nice, but I didn't know why we needed all of that stuff...
Oh well. 

I did a good job.
For bottoms,  I took my camping shorts, my high waisted shorts, my long blue maxi skirt  and a pair of jeans for bottoms(I only wore the jeans once the whole week, at night).
For tops, I took my white dress top, 3 tees, my pink striped shirt, green tank and shirt combo and a hoodie.
For shoes I only took my yara sandals and a pair of swim shoes, that I bought to take with me.

For other things, I took my swimsuit, 2 sports bras, a regular bra, one set of PJs and 7 pairs of undies. I also took 7 pairs of socks, but I only wore one pair the whole time I was there and only at night.

So I feel like I did really good there. It all fit into my duffle bag easily and I felt lighter than a lot of people on the trip. Some people had huge totes and stuffed with clothes. I absolutely love having a capsule wardrobe at home and it was equally as nice to not have to worry about my clothes on a trip. It was fast to pack going there and when I got ready to come back. I even took too many socks...Next time I will know that I only need a few pairs of them if any. It was nice to have a pair when I had cold feet at night and no (Bingley)heater to warm them up for me. :)

In addition to the clothes, I packed 2 towels, one washcloth, my toothbrush and paste, shampoo, a bar of soap and my retainer. I also took 2 reading books, my Bible and a notebook to use for VBS and to have something to write in if I felt the need. I also took a small fan since the place we were staying didn't have AC, but I only used it the first night and that was the night I got cold and needed my socks so I got up and turned it off.  Also, I didn't know that the other lady would bring enough fans to keep the house pretty cold.
 I also had an air bed (which didn't fit in the tote, but came in it's own carrying bag), the sheets for it, my favorite quilt and a pillow. All in all it wasn't too much stuff to take with me. And everything I mentioned, except the air bed fit in the tote.

I didn't remember to take a picture of my clothes before I left, but I put them together (excluding undies and socks) so you can see what I took with me.
Here is a picture of the clothes I took with me. My hoodie is on the left, but it's all covered up.

I've learned that we can live with less than we think we can. And when we do it we realize how unnecessary most of our "precious stuff" really is in our lives.
This week I'm going to go through more of my stuff and get it out of here. 

Have you ever traveled with a capsule wardrobe? Did you enjoy it or did you feel like you didn't have enough? 

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