23 January 2011

1st post*happy dance*

Since this is my first post of my first blog, I just want to say that I'm happy to be blogging to the world now about my work. I love to sew and to create. And to make a garment from a flat piece of fabric is just amazing to me. All the designs and choices that we as sewers have now amazes me. I first started to make my own clothes because I got frustrated with the ready-to-wear companies for not making anything that would fit me well. I'm not (as most people are not also) a generic sized person who can fit into anything and look good. I have been well endowed so to speak and as such don't have very many button up shirts and none what so ever that are flattering. I will be tackling this issue later. I'm right now working on a few vintage style dresses for myself. I'm having a little trouble learning some of the stitches on my new machine by myself, but I'll get it. I had a regular brother machine for almost 10 years no special stitches, no bells and whistles. Now I have a higher model machine and it does so many more stitches, it has a monogram stitch, a few design stitches that I've used for a top-stitching, and bunch of useful stitches that I've been doing by hand.  So far I am making fun spring/summer dresses. I've finished two of them and will be posting pictures soon. I can't figure out how to make my slide show only show what I want it to, so you'll be seeing pictures of my pets until then.

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