25 August 2013

Making a Spring dress

OK, I'll admit that I've had this dress done for a very long time.(Spring time) I have not had time to post it because I have been in school. I am very close to being done. I am looking to graduate in May of 2014. So Fall and Spring and I'm out! Then we are getting married in June 2014! I'm still working on planning for that one and I'm very excited to actually BE married now. I also learned that I don't like party planning.  But, let's get back to what you are here to see, right? Spring dress-2013.
I used a Vintage Vogue pattern.
 I really loved this look in the yellow, but sometimes yellow doesn't look too good on me so I went with green. Here is a picture of the fabric and my Grayson. He was trying to help me out. Isn't he a cutie?
I digressed with a little cuteness, but on to the dress.
I made a muslin for the top, because I wasn't sure where I needed to adjust it. I always like to make a muslin, unless I'm making something super simple. Especially on tops, because I have a lot of fitting issues there. So here is me in my muslin. 
I think it looks pretty good. But I did a few adjustments in the back because it was a little gaped.  One more picture and then I cut out the pattern and get to sewing.
I was being a little silly here, because

Well...I'm just silly. On to the cutting. This pattern is fairly straightforward. I had to adjust the shoulders and the darts a little because I am a bit larger up top than the standard sizes allow.

Here is Grayson and me cutting the fabric. Yeah, everything is covered in cat hair by the time I finish, but it is washable and I love him too much to kick him out. Although when making my wedding dress, he is not allowed in the room. More on that later though. 

I would recommend this to beginners, even if you don't make the muslin *screaming inwardly* for your self. I love to make the muslin though. You can get out all of your mistakes and learn how to make the pattern correctly here. If you do it while you are sewing with your good fabric it may cost you more money later. If you are using cheap fabric though, go for it. I do that sometimes myself. 

Now for the final pictures of me in the dress. 
Grayson was there the whole way through so I thought I should take a final picture with him.    Outside was a little bright, so I took some more inside photos. I hope you enjoyed my version of this 1940's dress. That button has daisies on it also to keep with the flower theme. I am eventually going to make the belt in the same mustar-y gold color. But I like it without it too. Now to find some shoes that will look good with it. Maybe I'll just make my own?

In this picture to the right  you can see how I used the darts to make the bodice fit my body shape better. 
This is why I say to make a muslin. 
Thoughts or questions? I'd love to know what you think. 

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