31 August 2013

Pattern and Fabric Selection Cotton Sew Along Part 1

I've decided to try and make something for fall for myself. I'm a little stressed out and I think that making something non-wedding might help to calm me down. Plus, who doesn't love cotton?? And vintage dresses?? You KNOW I'm in on that one. So I've committed to this sew along, now to pick out a pattern to sew. The sew along states vintage as 20s-70s. That suites me just fine as I'm a 30s-50s kind of vintage girl. So on to looking at my fabric. At first I wanted to do the red dress with the black trim, then found out that I did not have enough of the red. Booo. Maybe later I'll go to the store. (after I whittle down my current fabric stash)

These are the patterns that I picked out initially. The one on the top left I would  have made but I found I did not have enough of the fabric that I wanted to use.

These are my initial fabric choices. I was trying to match two of them together to do the pattern in the top left of this picture. I have a big tote full of patterns. so I had a lot of choices.

I decided to go with this plum one here.

These are the two patterns that I've narrowed it down to thinking about using. Unfortunately most of my fabric that would work for this is mostly remnants of pieces that were from other sewing projects and I need  2.5 yards for the one on the left and 6 for the one on the right. I think that the dress on the right needs a little more stiffness to it so I may hold off on making that one for now. I do want to make it, but I'm not finding anything in my stash to make it with...unless I cut up a sheet (again). Which I thought about, I rummaged through the linen closet and did not find anything that I wanted to give up sleeping on yet. So, looks like we have a winner by default. Don't get me wrong I love them both, I just love how I chose one over the other based on not having to go to the store again.
I can't wait to get started on this project. Sept 1st starts the sew along. (Which is tomorrow!!)
I've decided on the purple-plum jersey cotton. It should drape well, yet take the gathering in the seams without looking too bunched up. It looks better in person than in my photos.

This comes from Rochelle's blog which you can see here.
So, are you going to join too? What do you think of my selections?

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