20 May 2016

New boots.

Its almost spring here in Minnesota!!

That means its time for me to get my spring capsule wardrobe out. 
In the fall I talked about buying some grey boots. I ordered them (all the way from England.) and they were too tight. I was irritated, to say the least. I sent them back trying to get an exchange but I had to pay to send them to them and then they wanted me to pay to ship the next size to me. Umm... No. By this time I'm in for too much money. They refunded my money(except for the money I spent sending them back.) 
So, I had been looking for another pair of boots. I decided if I bought grey I would be the grey woman. Too much! 
I went to take my black malibrans to the fluevog store so they could take them to the specialty cobbler. And to have my purse cleaned. When I went to pick them up I looked at what they had available. I kinda wanted some mint shoes but they didnt have any. I saw these brown boots and tried them on. They were a bit snug, but the guy at the store said that they loose up a lot after a few wears. (He was right.) 
Since I was looking for a pair of boots that were above my ankles, did not have zippers up the sides and were leather. Do you know how hard that is to find?? Really hard...

I got 3 different colors of laces when I bought them. The aqua/mint matches my purse. Its in my spring capsule as well. Im not sure how often I am going to remember to switch the laces though. I wore them with the mint laces first and I just changed them to the light brown ones for the rest of spring. 

Well what do you think of my addittions to my capsule? Do you do a capsule? Leave a comment to your blog if you do, Id love to see it!

*Update*-I bought these in March 2016. When I polished them they got a little bit darker, but I still really love them. I have put them away fro the season because I'm barefoot most of the time in the summer. 

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