08 August 2014

Introducing Bingley!

First, I would like to say that about a year after my Dad passed away I adopted a wonderful puppy from the pound. (Sprung him from jail!) He and I were best friends. Through boyfriends, marriages, divorces, moves, and new friends he was my constant.
His name was Bear. Because when he was little he looked like a Teddy Bear and stuck his arms out straight when I picked him up.
 He was my buddy through thick and thin. It's hard to think about him not being here with my anymore and it's the end of an era for me. I loved him like a child. In October we found out that he had cancer. They told us at the Vet's office that he would probably not make it to the next year. Well, he and I are so stubborn that he did. We celebrated one more year together. The cancer had spread to his organs. His lungs and pericardial sac filled with fluid so many times it was getting weak from the expanding pressure and subsequent draining.  But, the cancer was not to be bested and in March of 2014 it took him from me. He was with me for 13 years of my life. I will always miss him.

Still, life goes on doesn't it? I got married to a wonderful man(Whom Bear approved of, that was important to me.)  and moved again, to Minnesota this time. I could not even think of getting another dog/puppy for awhile. I just needed time to be alone, or at least dog-less. (DH had a dog that I love too, but it isn't the same and we all know that.)  I love animals. I always have, my Mom always thought that I would be a vet. And for awhile I did think about it, but this part-the letting go would kill me every time.  There is nothing that I can say here that will express how much I miss Bear. I probably always will.
Baron Bear E. Bear of Goose Creek

After 5 months went by I went to look at something that some people had for sale at their house. They had little Lab puppies and some of them were yellow like Bear was. I picked up one and really wanted to get one, but $500? That's a lot of money to me (and my husband.) for a dog. So, I decided that maybe it was time. (I'm really glad that I didn't buy one of their puppies, they turned out to be liars and I don't deal well with that type of behavior. That's another story though.) So, we went to a few shelters and pet stores and looked at lots of dogs and puppies. I won't adopt a dog that I haven't met because you really want to know if your personalities mesh well together. I looked online too at some rescue groups pictures, but they want you to fill out a long form (which I did) and then they want your vet information for all animals you've ever had and then they want to talk to you over the phone and email about why you want a dog and your plans and then they will bring the dog over for you to meet. Well, needless to say that I don't think that's kosher. These are dogs that nobody else wanted, not human babies that I'm trying to adopt!! The process doesn't make sense to me at all. Then they wanted to charge $300-$400 for mixed breed pups! Most of them were not even neutered or spayed yet either. So, I continued to look other places. I found a lady who had an unexpected litter of Siberian Retrievers for sale. They are Lab/Husky mix puppies. They are adorable. I chose one of the males. He is a chocolate colored Siberian Retriever. I named him Bingley. Yes, after Mr. Bingley from Pride and Prejudice. Why? Well, because I already have MY Mr. Darcy in my DH. So, I couldn't name him that!  Although I did toy with the idea of Wentworth for awhile. Persuasion is actually my favorite of her books, but P&P is a close second. (Even though I love them all, and terribly sad she couldn't write longer. Or even finish 'The Watsons.')

But, enough of that. You are here for the cuteness and pictures right??
Me and Bingley on our first day together. (Side note-look how skinny I'm looking! This homesteading is paying off in more ways than one!)

Look at his cute little face. And because he has Husky in him, those eyes are probably going to stay blue. His little white beard. Awww. 

This is Krunchee(DH's dog) and Bingley playing.

Did I mention that they were playing with Kruncheee's toys?? 
Then they got wore out. Krunchee is sitting here like 'I'm being good.'
 Bottle squirrel and Bunny were dragged all over the room. That poor bunny has been though the wringer. And he lost an ear in some playtime fun already.

I didn't mean for this to be a depressing post, but it is true to me and to my life. I know a lot of you have been there too. It's hard. Bingley is still new and adjusting to me and the farm. But maybe one day I can love him like I loved Bear. I know that Bear would want that for another and for me.

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