18 August 2014

practice rabbits

I got these Dutch rabbits from a girl up the street. They were a failed 4H project, and I got them free. Her mother just wanted them gone. They were not living in good conditions really. But, I digress.
I know it sounds harsh to say that these are practice rabbits, but they really are. I'm enjoying taking care of them and looking forward to the meals we will share together. If you are upset about eating animals or meat rabbits at all, please close this window. This is a farm, we eat animals that we raise here. Thank you for stopping by my page.

They have been here almost a month and are still adjusting to their new lives. I bred the only doe to the oldest buck. They had a litter 6 months ago and I have 2 bucks from that litter as well. I am hoping to get a doe from that and line breed them with the bucks. They are not REALLY meat rabbits, but they are meat and I got them for free. So, I'm practicing my handling and breeding techniques on them until I can get the silver foxes like I wanted. It's looking like the investment of getting the silver foxes is going to be pretty great anyways. So, I wanted to prove that this is something I really wanted to do before I spent that much money on it. It's looking like about $140 for 4 rabbits to get started.
But, for now my Dutch Doe is pregnant. (confirmed-she is carrying straw around the cage now. Shouldn't be too much longer.)
Let me introduce you to them.
The first two are the young bucks. The one on the left is black and pretty wild. He doesn't like to be picked up and is still skittish about even being petted. The one on the right is blue and likes to be pet, not particularly interested in being picked up, but will allow it occasionally. They have no names.
I may or may not keep the blue one a little longer to breed. It really depends on when I get my other rabbits.

This is Cassie. The little girl named her and the older buck was already named. So, I didn't pick out these names at all. I don't think I would every name my rabbits these names. 

This is Donald. He is still shedding his winter coat for the year a little bit near his rear. He is 3 yrs old and still a virile buck, since he did the job with Cassie. He likes to be pet. He hops away when he is nervous and doesn't care to be picked up and I don't pic him up too often. He will make a good roaster some day soon. 
For me and Frank right now, just a pound of meat or 2 can make a difference in our grocery budget. We are hoping to save money with this enterprise and have a little fun as well. 

I made 3 cages like this for them initially. The one on top is a nesting box that I made for the doe. She is not interested in using it and takes out all the straw that I put in it for her and sets it next to it. Oh, well. Maybe I put it in a little early. But when she has the kits I'll just move them into the box. Rabbits do not move their young like cats or dogs will. So, once I move them into there they will stay right there. I will get pictures of the new bunnies up here when she has them. 
Stay tuned. 

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