07 November 2014


I'm doing a sew-a-long. I've never been a part of one before. I tried to join one before, but I was working then and it didn't work out with my schedule. Now, I'm starting a hobby farm in Minnesota. Since it's winter(to me anyways) now, my plan is to sew, quilt and crochet a lot more. 

This is the first Collete pattern that I have purchased as well. I picked up the 'Cooper' and the 'Dahila', which is the one that I will be making this month. It seems like I have to have a 'large' project or 2 each month to keep me busy. 
I'm not sure when I will be able to wear this dress since I am going into winter here. I am deciding on a fabric some time this week. I have to get my stash out and see what I have available. I cannot afford to buy fabric this month, with Christmas so close my excess money (ha!) is being used on gifts. Also, we made a large order of meat, 1/4 of a bison and a pig. 

So come follow me as I make the 'Dahila' pattern. It looks fairly simple, yet I'm sure that using a plaid might make it harder. I'm really wanting to do plaid, but I'll see what is in the closet. I need to make sure that this is going to work with what is already in my closet too. And you can join the sew a long if you want here. It just started November 3, 2014 so you aren't behind at all. Jump in, it will be fun!!

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