15 December 2014

Fermentation and Vacation

I’ve been struggling to get over this sickness most of the month. Everyone tells me that I have something different, but I really don’t care what it is as long as it goes away. It seems like everyone here is getting sick lately. I’d love to be the friend that takes over homemade soup to someone, but when you are also sick it’s really hard to do. I haven’t had anyone make me homemade soup when I’m sick. I usually end up eating too much sugar and watching too many old movies. 
I have come to the realization that maybe this isn’t the best idea. 
I’ve been looking at a lot of homesteading sites and homemade food recipes and ideas lately too. 
I really want to do more fermenting of my vegetables for winter. I’d love to make my own homemade lacto-fermented root beer. Mostly because it’s actually good for you and has way less sugar. I really need to cut back on the sugar. Yet, I love ice cream so much! How could I ever stop eating it? 
I really try to do everything in my kitchen homemade. But, I realized while I was sick that it makes it harder for my DH to make dinner for me that way. I realized that I need to make some soups and can them for future uses. Vegetable and chicken (sans the noodle to be added after opening. You know, so they don’t get all soggy or worse disintegrate in the jar.)

I’d love to get a fermenting jar to make sauerkraut, uh I mean 'Liberty cabbage’. I’ve been looking at some things on pinterest. So many things can be fermented. You can even ferment salsa. I’m in the process of making my own ACV right now. It’s really easy. I need to get my DH to help me strain all the apple pieces out of it and put it in a bottle to use it. 

In a way I really want to get back to the land and do everything from scratch so my family and I will be more healthy. Yet, going on vacation is difficult when you have animals to take care of at home. Asking my neighbor to watch them makes me feel bad. Yet, I did it anyways. Because we are going to visit family eventually and they live so far away. 

Do you farm and take vacations readers? How do you do it?

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