29 December 2014

Handmade Pegasus

This is another handmade gift that I made for someone this year. 

It's Star the Pegasus from 'The Guardian Herd'
We wanted to find something that would work for a stuffed animal in a fantasy book, but we didn't ever see anything that we thought would work. So, I decided to make something. 
I have an amazing book with patterns for stuffed toys for children. I would highly recommend it. I've made the rabbit and the horse now and I'm thinking about making some more of the toys. I've no idea who I'm going to make it for yet, but I am still going to make it. 

The book is called 'Storybook toys' by Jill Hamor.
Here is some pictures of the pegasus I made. The pattern is just for a horse, so I had to make my own pattern for the wings. It was fairly easy. 

The mane before attaching longer pieces. 

Attaching underbody legs together. 

Attaching the underbody to the legs and head.

The wings.

Attaching it all together. Inside out of course.This was the hard part. Making sure it all went together well. 

All together with the wings before turning it right side out. 

All turned around, before stuffing. 

I stuffed it and decided I didn't like the mane that the patterns suggested. So I added more hair to it. Little girls want to play with hair on all their calls. 

Pensive Pegasus. 

Attached button eyes, stuffed and sewn together. 

I had fun making this and I learned a lot about making stuffed toys and I am making plans to make some more stuffed dolls. Human ones this time. I made a bunny previously but never did get a picture of it. 

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