27 April 2015

Spring 2015 project 333

After doing the lucky dozen challenge I see the need for a few things in my wardrobe. It is a little harder to keep a farm/working wardrobe and nice things I can go out in and look good in too. 
I keep 2 pairs of pants for working on the homestead and a few flannel shirts. Most days I can wear something from my capsule wardrobe anyways. 

I decided to follow some of my fellow bloggers in that they don't use 33 pieces {see the Unfancy blog} (they pick a number that works for them, she uses 37.) and I am not including my accessories. But, I did list them in this post just because I want to make sure that they all match and I gave myself a limit to contain them a bit better, as I can get out of control sometimes. I applaud people who can have 33 items including accessories and shoes. I'm just not there yet! I have 40 items with clothing pieces alone here. I'll get there one day. It's still a marked improvement upon the huge walk-in closet jammed with clothes!

Lets get to the pieces. Here is what I picked for Spring 2015. 

7 dresses- raspberry sheath, mint lace, blue short, Navy button up, pink vintage, and pink polka dots

18 tops-chambray, gray tee, mint tee, pink and green plaid, pink and white stripe, purple and pink flowers, pink flowers, white sleeveless stripe, blue linen shirt, zombie love shirt, pink 'Marie Curie' shirt, Soft kitty tee, paint splotch multi-color tee, blue stripe w/ mint tee, navy button-up, long sleeve pink tee, lavender linen long sleeve shirt, and blue and white long sleeve shirt. 

Short sleeved shirts:

(I tried to put the print shirts in front.)

Long sleeved shirts:

9 bottoms-favorite jeans, khakis, mint shorts, navy shorts, navy w/white stripe skirt, navy linen skirt, pink skirt, peach skinnies, and rose skinnies.



6 sweaters/cardigans-mint sweater, multi-colored sweater, yellow sweater, mauve sweater light mauve/pink cashmere cardigan (that I dyed!) and navy cardigan.

Pullover sweaters:


Not included in my count but limited in my wardrobe are:

6 pairs of shoes-cowgirl boots(might replace these with other boots soon), black Fluevog malibrans(also need to be replaced),Grey w/white dot Chucks,Navy Chucks, Birkenstock Yara in brown(not pictured), and Blue Fluevog tie sandals.


7 accessories- B&W scarf, multi-colored scarf, blue and gold scarf, navy scarf i made at a mini retreat, pink clutch, purple bucket bag, tan leather backpack and multi colored crochet hat.

My hat:



2 jackets/coats-olive military coat and pink slicker w/liner.

Special event small wardrobe will consist of a black dress and high heels. 

Since I plan on taking my husband out for a special dinner in April (It's his birthday!) and our first anniversary will be in June and I will still be doing this capsule wardrobe; I am including a dress or two for those events that are not included in my number and will only be worn once or twice. I debated putting the dress in the capsule wardrobe and being done with it, but the reality is that I won't wear it for any other functions. (unless, God forbid, I have to go to a funeral)

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