20 April 2015

Spring Peeps

It's spring time on the homestead. And that means one thing...BABIES!
I've got baby bunnies and baby chicks running about the place. and more baby chicks set to come in another couple of weeks. I'm going to get even busier soon.

Things have picked up considerable around here with the weather warming up(although you wouldn't be able to tell by today's temps, since we're back in the 30s and 40s today.) I've got a good start on the garden. It's all plowed up and ready to go. I have planted my shallots, some onions and my fava beans. Which my DH keeps making a hannibal lector reference to EVERY time I mention them. I think the first time I make them I'm making them with liver and a Chianti (not that he's even a wine drinker though.) just to see what he says about it. HA.

Since this is going to be a short post today, I will leave you with some pictures of the new babies.
But my favorite is yhis one. Yes, i have a chocolate bunny. 

They are starting to open their eyes and explore their world. 
Henny penny and chicks. 
Also, I planted fruit trees along the driveway.  

Get outside and enjoy spring!

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