16 March 2015

How I've worn my project 333 in February

I haven't had the new additions in my wardrobe long, but I wanted to give them a good test run to see how I will wear them and decide if they were worth what I think they are.
I want to say that I do not own these white chucks. I have a pair of athletic shoes I wore and the Keds. (but no picture of them yet.)

Monday I wore a skirt because it was up in the 40s. I didn't go outside a lot I just wanted to wear it. I wore my fleece lined leggings underneath. They are grey but I have no picture of them. 

Tuesday it got a little chilly again. I wore a fancy looking bright lilac, long johns material ,top. The lace stuck out from under the pink sweatshirt material top. Jeans and my snow boots kept me toasty warm. 
 Wednesday I wore my jeans again. (I actually have 2 pair, but the picture shows the same pair) with a lilac linen shirt and my favorite sweater. It has every color imaginable in it. It's like my technicolor sweater. I wore my hiking boots since the snow wasn't very high.
 Thursday I wanted to wear some more of my new things. I had washed them all and this one was looking dapper today. It's a navy and pink cotton shirt. I paired it with my thinner pink sweater and jeans, yes again!

 Friday, realizing that winter time in Minnesota means jeans a lot. What else is going to keep me warm? Or am I just being lazy? We stayed inside most of the day and we went to the gym so I wore sweatpants and a tee shirt with my wool sweater overtop. (No picture as it doesn't count for my project 333 since I only went to the gym today.)

Saturday I was sore from our new routine at the gym and we lounged on the couch. Then realized that we had a lot of things to do inside. I wore another pair of sweats and a tee shirt. (again, no picture)

Sunday it was warmer and I wanted to dress it up a little bit after wearing sweats for 2 days. 
So I chose my raspberry dress with my new floral shirt and tan tights. Snuggly boots and a bright yellow sweater to finish me off. These boots were given to me by a friend and they are really warm. I love the toggles on the sides too. 

Notice that these black boots are the only black that I wore at all. I have finally decided that I just don't like to wear black. It makes me feel down and who wants that? These boots somehow don't make me feel that way, so they can stay. (even though they need some repair on the inside, I still wear them.)

I know I talked about how I fell off the bandwagon with Project 333 for Jan-March. But I did really good until I added new things. I had to test them out and most of them got to stay. The pink and Navy plaid did not stay. I ended up hating that ruffle on the front. If it wasn't there, I would love it. And if I took it off it would look weird. Otherwise I love the color. I'm hoping that the next season will be easier for me. Winter is just hard to do for me since it's my first one. I did OK when the weather was balmy, but when it got cold I brought in more clothing. Bad me! Oh, well. I have to stay warm. I'll try again with the next season, which is April-June. Don't give up on me. Also, if you are struggling know that you are not the only one. I too, dear reader, still have a lusting eye for new clothing. 

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