10 May 2012

Garage clean out beginning.

As you can see... we've decided to clean out our garage!! Exciting huh?? yeah, I'm not excited either, but I am eager to purge all of the old stuff and clean out. Ours turned into a double whammy. Since we have a roommate living here, a lot of his stuff ended up in the garage. I just moved in with my boyfriend, so a lot of MY stuff was in there and (shock) my boyfirend's stuff was in there too. We added some gladiator gear tracks that have hanging storage for the walls previously, but we then stopped. Woodworking, gardening, storage and trash area has become what we use the garage for now. The cruiser use to be able to fit, but not anymore. I am looking forward to making it usable again. Thanks to Laura @ orgjunkie.com for putting this on. We've been wanting to clean this space up for awhile.
now onto the shameful garage!!

I wasn't really great at getting the whole picture. I moved some stuff before I thought of taking this though.

 As you can see in this picture, our water heater poises a slight problem, as does the electrical box on the left side, they cannot be blocked! I have to think of a way to not block them up.
 My Boyfriend, Frank, making his exit after we argued about where to start.
 Yes, those are maxi pads....don't know why they need to be "stored". HA HA HA
Our roommates stuff. Which he says he will move if he can move into the other bedroom. That is a guest bedroom right now. I moved my sewing stuff into the empty bedroom and he is going to take all of the furniture in the guest room and put it in the room he is currently in, and of course the guest room will then be his old room. I painted my sewing room and it looks so cute. I will post pictures of that as well.

I intend on being able to put the cruiser in the garage once more. Along with a space for woodworking (BF), space for gardening(mine) and some storage space for me and my BF as well as some storage for our roommate, Aaron.

Wish us luck on our journey to an organized and well adjusted home. With 3 people, 2 dogs and 2 cats...life is always interesting.

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