11 May 2012

looking for 'Threads'

Yesterday at work I was looking at the sewing sites that I like to frequent. And what did I find? THREADS has done a section on stripes. How to get different looks from the same striped material, how to work the stripes into different patterns by altering a pattern. The dress that is gracing the July cover is just so darn cute!! I would love to sit down and make one, but Dragon con costumes are beconing. As is the kindle case that I have been working on for Frank for his birthday (which was in April) for months. In my defense, I am tooling the leather cover and making it soft and somewhat drop resistant. It is a slow process, but he is a patient man( I love him for that!) 
The July issue of Threads cover

I had to have this issue and wanted to run out and get it right away.
To make matters worse, my fabric store stopped carrying it. Poop. Well, I drove home thinking about what store might still carry it.Oh, Banes and Nobles! So, I got Frank all ready to go(of course he wanted fancy coffee.) I got a cookie crumble frap, it was melted when I got it, and not that great. But, I got my magazine!
I also saw(and thought about buying) the newand improved couture sewing techniques by Claire Shaeffer. It had a lot of good information in it.

Has anybody read this issue or own this book? Maybe there is another book that you like to use for couture sewing style. What is  the best information in your opinion?
Is anybody planning on making anything with stipes soon? I know I am all excited about it.

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