29 January 2016

Me made in 2015

I decided to try and keep track of the things I've made throughout the year. I feel like I made more things than this, but there are some things I'm still working on. Such as the Valentine's day quilt and dress. The Downton Abbey Quilt (I'll never make that pattern again...) and I plan on doing another BOM this year. I might even have enough scraps to make a scrappy log cabin quilt soon enough. I have so many plans and things started that I just haven't finished so I suppose you will see them in 2016s 'Me Made' page! I've also got a few costume pieces that I want to finish up as well. Sometimes you start things and you hit a snag or you just get tired of looking at it and you have to put it down. I'm trying to finish all those things up in 2016. 

I made these quilted placemats early in the year. 

 only made 4 of these squares so far, but they are a lot of work!My Mom and I worked on these together for awhile.(This may have been Christmas 2014 into 2015...)

This is a BOM that I was doing with a friend. I finished mine while she cared for her mother. 
We had fun making the big square together and I made it fun to do the rest. She recently showed me an easier way to do those piano keys. Quilting/sewing with friends means you can share your knowledge with each other! So blessed to have such a wonderful friend.

This tiny quilt was a pain in the butt to make. But its a doll quilt. Maybe when I have children they will use it.

This Baby Quilt I made for my neighbor's new baby expected soon!!*update* she was born in Early January. Healthy baby girl, and so cute. :) 

I made this bag to carry the baby quilt in from the same fabrics. You can just see the quilt sticking out of the top here. 
In my effort to use less plastic in my life and recycle the things I do have I made this grocery bag. Every time I go to the store someone comments on it. It carries a lot, but I usually have to pack it myself. I'm working on another one, which will probably be much smaller. 

Do you have problems finishing up all your projects too? My friend, that I did the BOM with above, and I are not buying any more fabric this year until our UFOs are finished this year. She has 7 on her list and I have probably 15... Most of them just need one more thing! I really need some encouragement to finish up!  We did add a rule recently, that we would do an abbreviated shopping trip $50 or less, after we finish up 2 of our quilts/projects. 

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