15 January 2016

Replacing clothing items

So, my DH and I have been going to the gym, inconsistently but we're going. I have lost a bit of weight and toned up a lot so some of my clothes we not fitting anymore. I did buy some new jeans last year before the fall capsule wardrobe started. But they are low rise and I don't like how they fit me, so I found some high rise jeans. (I know, you probably think I'm an old lady. But, I like that look and since I'm high waisted they fit my curves really well.

But, I went to church last week and I wore my khakis over my woolies (wool long johns) and I had to keep pulling my pants up. It's very irritating having to constantly pull up your pants for fear of them falling off-especially in church!!  I made the decision that I can't wait to get a new pair of pants. (I mean these pants are 2 sizes bigger than the other ones I'm currently wearing.)

I also noticed that my thrifted grey v-neck tee has worn pretty thin and has developed some holes. I'm still wearing it, but it's not going to work for much longer.

I wanted to add a bit more red into my wardrobe as well, so I added a red tee to my order.

From another company I ordered 3 swim suits. I have one now that I wear, but I wanted one that I would feel more confident in while on the beach. We go to Charleston a lot and to my in-laws lake house so I know I'll get a good bit of use out of these. And with going to the beach and crusin' I need at least 2 swim suits, this gives me 4 assuming that they all fit and flatter me. (One reason that I ordered 3 of them.)

All in all I ordered:

1. Grey tee (replaces grey tee)
2. Two pairs of High waisted jeans (replaces low rise jeans)
3. Red 3/4 sleeve tee
4. Three swim suits

I believe it's important to have things that fit your body and your lifestyle. And things wear out eventually. Being a minimalist or doing a capsule wardrobe doesn't mean you can never buy anything, it just means that you are conscientious about what you do buy.
I'm going to have to figure out what to take out of my capsule to add in the red tee. But, I really wanted a red shirt to go with some of my other things.

Since I ordered it all from LL Bean online, I hope it all fits me. When they get here I'll have to try it all on and make sure. We'll see, and I'll let you know how it goes.

Ta-ta for now.

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