11 March 2016

Gym/Workout Capsule Wardrobe

I love my capsule wardrobe and I've begun to notice that I'm wearing stretched out sweatpants and stained tee shirts when I go to the gym. YUCK!
I didn't want to be that girl in stretch pants. You know the one. So, some of my gym clothes had gotten tight and I hadn't been wearing them.

I bought a few new things last year when we really started going to the gym more. I love wearing those things. And I got rid of those old stretched out things and stained things.

My husband has been telling me that he could really tell that I was tightening up in some areas. So, I tried on a shirt that I thought was too tight and he thought it looked great. So, I have to include that in this as well, even though the color is different. It's Navy, so it still works.  There is one more shirt to add to this.

Gym Capsule Wardrobe

3 Sports bras
2 pairs of capris
1 pair of volleyball shorts
1 pair of regular shorts
2 pairs of sweatpants
3 shirts
1 sweatshirt
1 pair of shoes

Except for the shoes, this all fits in one dresser drawer. I hope this helps you see how you can capsule anything that you use. Get out there and be active in your life!

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