25 March 2016

How to wear a dress multiple ways.

Continuing with the capsule wardrobe ideas. I thought back to when I looked at capsule wardrobes and thought, "How can someone only wear one dress?"  It really boggled my mind because I love dresses. But then I started looking at the capsule dress(es) that other people picked and realized all of my dresses were statement pieces. (Ive never covered this but the idea of basics, mid range pieces(read:colors)and statement pieces in a wardrobe should be a good mix.) To get a better idea of what I mean here, read this article.

I was wearing no basics, in my wardrobe. All my clothing was mid range or colorful pieces and statement pieces all the time.
No wonder nothing matched and I never had anything to wear! 

Its taken a long time, but I finally get how someone could have only one dress in their capsule. 
I have more than one dress in my capsule, but if I only had one this would be the one.

This is my favorite dress! The one I get more complements on when I wear it and its a heavy hitter in my closet. It looks plain, except for the bright pink color. But, the cut of it is perfect on me. Your perfect dress may look different than mine. And that is OK. Your body and style are probably different than mine. (Differences are great, if we were all the same the world would be SO boring! Celebrate your uniqueness!!) 

Here is why I think that this is the perfect dress for me. 

1. You can wear it in the summer just as it is, or with a scarf to jazz it up. 

2. You can use it like a skirt and layer over it. 

3. You can layer under it with longer sleeves, short sleeves and/or tights. 

Just by looking at my hair in these photos you can tell that this dress has been with me for awhile. I don't know what I'm going to do when I have to replace this dress. I might just use it as a template to make another one in another fun color.
You can see how I used basics with each different way I wore it. Those black Malibrans are also heavy hitters in my closet. I wear them with jeans, skirts and this dress  a lot. The brown boots are gone now. They wore out. I bought a pair to replace them that are leather and I hope to have them for some time. I say this since the other boots were a plastic that just tore up quickly.
The chambray shirt and the turtleneck are classic pieces that match almost everything. The tights are great for colder days that you still want to dress up for some reason.

For clothing to be allowed to be in my wardrobe (and ultimately to stay) they have to match at least 3 (5 is better) things I already own. You can see that this dress easily meets my criterion there.

I hope that this helps you see just another reason you don't need to have a closet full of clothes to have something to wear.

Happy capsuling!!

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