07 March 2016

Spreading the news of less.

There have been several times that I have had the opportunity to talk to others about living a life with less consumerism and making life better. 
I am always happy to tell someone why I do what I do. Some people ask, and sometimes when people give me strange looks I volunteer the information. 
Here are some examples. Maybe you can talk to people you know easier than you think. Heck, I'm ever talking to strangers. But, I think a stranger is just a friend I haven't made yet. :)

  1. While on the cruise, I saw a lady reading "the life changing magic of tidying up" by Marie Kondo. We talked about how decluttering has changed my life I asked her how she was liking the book and told her that it would become addictive.  She laughed but then she had some questions about how my life changed. I explained to her abut the capsule wardrobe that I do. She said she needs that in her life, but didn't ever know how to start it before.  She was excited about starting when she got home.  We talked about the book and she asked me if anything else in it was helpful. I told her that I can clean faster, because I got of all the unnecessary things hanging around and that life is more peaceful. And that alone is worth it to me. She was really encouraged to start but she didn't want to start with clothing. I urged her to start with clothing. I told her that I know it seems hard, but you don't have to give it away if you aren't ready to. I told her to just pack it up for awhile and go through it later. I told her about project 333 and she was interested in that. She might be a believer when she gets home. I really hope that she sticks to it.  We talked a bit longer about her personal situation (which I won't go into here) and I offered her some advise and websites to look at if she did happen to get stuck. She was all smiles as I left to get into the hot tub. Hey, this was a cruise after all!!
  2. Almost every single time that I go to buy groceries, whether I am at the farmer's market or the grocery store, people ask about my bag I'm carrying. I made a reusable bag from a dog food bag. I tell them how I made it if they want to know. Or I show them the material,Duraflex is woven plastic, and how strong it is. I fill it up and it holds up to the weight of it without being too much of a strain for me to carry. If I were making one for someone else I might make it smaller though. Occasionally, someone will ask if I will make one for them. I'm thinking about making extras and taking them with me and leaving them in my truck so I can do this or even sell them. It might be a nice extra source of income. Since most people aren't into or don't know how to sew. 
  3. I am a part of a ladies bunco group(It's a dice game.) and after the game we have a yankee swap. I've been slowly switching over to eco friendly wrapping paper. Most ladies use the paper bags, so I've been thinking of making a few fabric bags to give out as well. I think they might hold up better. I made a furoshiki, for February's spring theme, and added instructions a few seed packets and an African Violet. I'm really hoping to increase awareness in my circle of friends. I just don't want to be pushy about it. 

So, three examples of how I am spreading the zero waste lifestyle. 
I just don't want people to be stuck in their consumer driven lives and not realize that there are other (better, in my opinion) options. I hope that this encourages you to talk to other people. 

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