22 June 2015

Disconnected from the real world

"The average American has lost touch with what food actually is. Most people think that food comes out of a box and sadly it usually does for a large percentage of Americans in today’s world."       original article.

I agree with this statement so much. A lot of people that I know and even people that live in the rural areas, live out of boxes and cans from the super market. I rarely by processed food, but I admit that I do buy the occasional thing. I'm trying to wean us off of it. It isn't healthy for our bodies and it is way more expensive to buy a tiny amount of chemically laden food than it is to produce it myself.

My garden is in full swing and I will soon have some fresh broccoli to use in our kitchen. Beans and watermelons are going in the ground this week and cucumbers are following shortly after.
I planted my permanent gardens on the west side of the house and they seem to be doing quite well there. Asparagus, rhubarb and horseradish were planted although the horseradish has yet to sprout. I have a lot of squash and melons to plant soon. And lots of space for tomatoes and peppers. I am eager to see how these things help us in our goal to not buy so much from the grocery stores any more.

Moving on to meat we have chickens and rabbits right now. We have just added a couple of ducks as a trial run this year. Chickens have been attacked by a fox recently and I did loose a few but I am hoping they bounce back from the scare pretty easily and maybe next year produce some more chicks for us. Something that does bother me though is when people don't understand and ask me ignorant questions because our culture is so used to getting everything that we need at a store, not outside where God intended it to be.

I hate when people ask me how I can kill the cute little bunnies or the chickens. Umm, cause I like to eat? and I want to know that the food I'm putting in my body doesn't have GMOs or chemicals that I choose not to eat in them. I'm going to start asking people this in response, "How can you be so disconnected from your food that you buy it on little plastic trays in a bleached environment covered in plastic?" I know that not everyone can slaughter their own food, and while I don't understand that, there are other options available to get access to GMO free, chemical free, healthy food for your family.

Go to the farmer's market or find a farmer that sells what you are looking for and get to know them and the process they use to bring their animals to slaughter and the feed they are on. For example, I don't have the space to raise beef cows on my property and I'm not sure that I would want to even if I did. So, I buy bison (It's better than beef, trust me) from a neighbor down the street who sells, bison, beef, pork, chickens, rabbits, ducks, geese and lamb. I only get bison and pork from him, the rest I could raise on my own farm a lot cheaper. But, if I didn't want to raise them myself the option is there. If you look around I'm sure that there is an option for healthy and fresh food near you.

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